Who is attacking Britain with dangerous substances
by Grete Mautner on 13 Aug 2018 7 Comments

The other day, an acid attack in the city of Worcester resulted in a three-year-old suffering serious face and hand injuries. Somehow, the May government that seems to be unable to jump off the Russophobic bandwagon didn’t make an attempt to blame this attack on Moscow. Probably, we can attribute this abnormal pattern of behavior of the sitting British authorities to the fact that the 39-year-old male behind the attack was caught and it was obvious that he couldn’t have any ties with Russia whatsoever. Investigators are searching for three more individuals who could potentially explain the motives of the attacker, as it’s been reported by the BBC.


Against the backdrop, the ongoing hysteria around the so-called Salisbury and Amesbury incidents seem like a terrible waste of time, since the authorities are engaged in a war of words and accusations instead of trying to address an abrupt increase in the level of criminal activities across the kingdom. And things are not looking good.


As evidenced by the numerous publications in the European media, the crime landscape of Western Europe over the last couple of years has evolved significantly, changing its face, habits and traditions. As crimes committed in Europe are getting increasingly cruel, and in a number of cases – outright sadistic, one can’t help but notice that the European criminal world is acquiring the characteristics that could otherwise could only be found in some third world countries.


These trends can no longer be ignored – as it’s rapidly and radically changing the reality that we’re living in. After a prolonged silence, Berlin had to acknowledge that the recent influx of migrants paired with the unsatisfactory performance of the law enforcement agencies resulted in an abrupt increase in violence levels. Annually the number of crimes committed by yesterday’s refugees in Germany is growing by more than 50%. Realizing that somebody should bear responsibility for this situation, German politicians have started to openly criticize a number of Angela Merkel’s controversial political decisions that resulted in this situation.


However, in Britain, the sitting authorities have usurped all power in the country by practically launching a crackdown on dissent voices. This led to communities forgetting that Theresa May bears full personal responsibility for the country she was entrusted with leading on the day she took office.


However, the British authorities have recently been forced in releasing statistic numbers that show that the number of murders across the country has been skyrocketing for a number of years in a row. In the first quarter of this year, London even overtook New York which was unheard of in the post WWII period. Today, it’s by far the most multinational city in the UK, and an abrupt growth in the number of violent crimes has a multitude of reasons.


But it’s not just all about the numbers. Ethnic minorities, that are gradually the whole of Europe, have brought with them extremely brutal methods of settling scores, teaching local bandits how true cruelty looks like.


The latest trends on the European crime scene are knife attacks, paired with acid and poison attacks. Many of those extreme forms of violence started to spread across the continent from Britain, especially acid attacks. Those have always been pretty common in Southeast Asia, in such states as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Out there it’s a pretty common way for husbands or their relatives to punish women whose behavior they tend to consider too profligate. Often felons choose cute girls for their acid attacks to disfigure their features for life.


However, these days it’s how British gangs are dealing with delinquent drug dealers and crooked prostitutes. However, the number of such attacks in London has been breaking all records recently. This is how people are getting punished by unscrupulous individuals for treason, for unspecified debts, for being a nuisance, for being in a wrong place in the wrong time. If one is to consider the fact that one can buy acid at any hardware store for a pound, it does qualify as a weapon, one can wrap his head around the fact why acid attacks are getting increasingly popular among London criminals and mental disabled individuals.


This, in particular, was demonstrated by an acid attack that occurred a year ago in the London nightclub of Mangle, in the course of which more than twenty people suffered severe injuries, with the better part of them being young beautiful girls. A week before this crime, there was an acid attack on a Chinese couple who had taken a walk in the center of London with their two-year-old child in a stroller. Today, London is in the top ten cities by the number of acid attacks being committed annually. If in 2012 there was a total of 228 reported acid attacks registered in London, then by 2017 this number reached 800 attacks, with a large percentage of those being unmotivated.


It’s been reported that it’s extremely hard to investigate such crimes, since victims usually lose vision immediately after the attack, find themselves unable to describe the attacker and unable to present a reason for them to be attacked. Usually such crimes are motivated by one’s racial hatred or mental instability.


One cannot exclude the possibility of the infamous Porton Down chemical lab employing mentally unstable individuals who could use the substances stockpiled on its territory to launch chemical attacks in densely populated areas. It would be refreshing if British authorities, instead of voicing groundless accusations against Russia, would take the effort of investigating alleged Novichok victim, Charlie Rowley, who revealed that he presented a perfume bottle of the deadly nerve agent ‘as a present’ to his partner Dawn Sturgess.


Sure, it’s easier to blame everything on Russia, instead of discussing the abrupt spike in violent hate crimes and inadequate hiring procedures that may or may not be in place in those laboratories where London develops chemical weapons. Every establishment needs an enemy to blame its mistakes on the evil designs of the enemy, and Britain does just that, without even mentioning that this so-called enemy saved London from Napoleon, from Wilhelm II and from Hitler, without ever hearing a good word in return.

Of course, the true truth will come out sooner or later. As the British media has already been forced to openly acknowledge that it had been fabricating all sorts of Russophobic nonsense on the eve of the FIFA World Cup-2018. One cannot also disregard the official report of the European Union, which confirmed that it was Georgia that launched a military aggression against South Ossetia, with Russia entering the conflict to save its peace-keepers caught in the crossfire.


So sooner or later we will learn who was actually responsible for the growing number of hate crimes and the so-called WMD incidents in the UK.


Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy


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