Congress looking for useful idiots
by N S Rajaram on 12 Apr 2019 5 Comments

No coincidence, but enemy action


The legendary secret agent James Bond (007) played by Sean Connery once observed, if something bad happens once it is happenstance, twice it may be coincidence but if it happens third time, we must see it as enemy action. Let us apply this to post Independence India. In 1946, at the transfer of power, nationalistic firebrand Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was made to disappear from the scene to make room for Nehru. It helped Pakistan and China.


When Nehru died in 1964, Lal Bahadur Shastri, who too proved nationalistic, while no firebrand, was made to die in Tashkent under unexplained circumstances. He was succeeded by Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi, whose government needed the support of Communists and Muslims.


Indira Gandhi’s long rule was remarkable for the growing influence of Communists and Muslims on national institutions, including the judiciary and the media. She founded the Jawaharlal Nehru University which became the epicentre of anti-Hindu and even anti-national interests looking to break up India (tukde-tukde gang) by undermining the morale of the security forces. She needed them for survival. When she was assassinated, it heralded the entry into national life of the Italian Antonia Maino, who was married to Rajiv Gandhi. Her Western associates like Ottavio Quattrocchi, Christian Michel and their ilk were mainly brokers for government contracts representing European arms manufacturers. Antonia Maino had become Sonia Gandhi through marriage to Rajiv Gandhi.


Following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 1991, Congressmen made Sonia Gandhi the virtual dictator of the Congress Party. As Sri Aurobindo had noted long ago, the Congress always looked to colonial powers for guidance instead of trusting Indians. At Independence, Gandhi and Nehru asked Mountbatten to continue as Governor General as Nehru lacked the confidence to handle turbulent situations. This was repeated when Pakistan attacked Kashmir and Nehru created the Kashmir Problem by taking the dispute to the United Nations on Mountbatten’s advice and against the advice of his own military that was in a position to free Kashmir. Fortunately, Sardar Patel prevented repeat of the problem in Hyderabad by his timely action.


Even in the northeast, Nehru placed more trust in British missionary Verrier Elwin’s advice against developing the north-eastern region as recommended by Army Chief General Cariappa. Elwin’s qualification: his skin colour, white, like Sonia Gandhi’s. This is the dirty secret of Congress thinking: it is racist and worships white people: Mountbatten, Sonia Gandhi, Quattrocchi, Christian Michel….


Following Rajiv Gandhi’s death, Congress could no longer win enough seats to form governments at the Centre. So it used the policy of supporting governments that could be controlled from outside, as the Communists had controlled Indira Gandhi’s Government. So a succession of governments nominally headed by the likes of Chandrashekar, V.P. Singh came into being. These were what Lenin used to call Useful Idiots.


When the communists overthrew the Czarist Government in Russia, European intellectuals fell over themselves justifying and even glorifying the power hungry Bolsheviks as mankind’s gift from heaven. Left-wing intellectuals like Harold Laski overnight became supporters of the Lenin-Stalin programs (and pogroms). Even JBS Haldane (a family friend of ours) and a top flight scientist, became a supporter of Lysenko’s crackpot theories, only to recant later. When Stalin complained to Lenin that these intellectuals were attributing to them motives that were far removed from their real plans of consolidate their power by any and all means, Lenin is reported to have advised him not to worry, saying they were serving as Useful Idiots.


Stalin’s biggest catch was The New York Times’ Moscow bureau chief Walter Duranty who sent glowing reports whitewashing Stalinist purges and disasters for a good income and Russian mistresses. So during the worst years of Stalinist atrocities, the venerable NYT was a mouthpiece of Stalin. Both Duranty and NYT benefited, including financially, by this arrangement. Its coverage of international affairs, including India, must be viewed against this background.


Mafia Deep State


When Sonia Gandhi gained control of the Congress Party, she used her persuasive qualities to find collaborators to keep the BJP out. Most recently, she offered Deve Gowda support to make his son Kumaraswamy the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Earlier, Deve Gowda and I.K. Gujral had willingly served as her stooges to keep out Atal Bihari Vajpayee and later L.K. Advani, though both were guilty of misjudgements that allowed her to keep them out.


When she anointed Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister, she virtually created a mafia state with her National Advisory Council (NAC). Under this regime, it was a field day for looters and adventurers, many with Italian links. Many key unelected positions were filled by her loyalists, who continued to do her bidding. This has been called the Deep State. Sonia Gandhi’s hostility to the late Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao was due to his unwillingness to serve as her Useful Idiot.


In Italy, there is virtually no government. No one goes to government officials to get any work done. They know it is better to go to a mafia don who is the real power. This is what one can expect if Congress gets back to power. There will be profiteering in government contracts, especially in Defence acquisitions where budgets are massive. Scams are just the tip of the iceberg. What is at stake is control of the nation by an East India Company-like entity.


The metamorphosis from Nehru’s colonialism to Indira Gandhi’s communist nexus to Italian proxy rule must, as James Bond observed, be viewed as part of enemy action. Not something to be lightly dismissed. Nothing less than India’s existence as free nation is at stake. This colonization will be different from the British just as the Raj was different from Moghul rule. But the result will be the same: control of India by anti-Hindus and their courtiers calling themselves intellectuals and NGOs. The goal is still power and money. 

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