Colombo church bombing: Secular silence
by N S Rajaram on 04 May 2019 16 Comments

The normally vocal lobby is curiously silent over the Church bombings in Colombo. The ISIS as expected has justified it.


In the famous detective story, Silver Blaze, the following conversation takes place between the legendary detective Holmes and Scotland Yard detective Inspector Tobias Gregson:


Inspector Gregson (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Sherlock Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregson: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.


What Holmes meant was that it must have been someone familiar to the dog for it not to have barked at the intruder.


This curious behaviour comes to mind upon looking at the reaction of the usually vocal liberals following the Colombo Church bombings. Where are the voices of Ramachandra Guha, John Dayal, Father Cedric Prakash, even Sonia Gandhi, and the huge multitude of bishops and sundry priests and Church leaders?


To begin with, there was some disappointment that it took place in Buddhist majority Sri Lanka and not Hindu India where they could bash Hindu terrorists even though the attackers were Muslim and identified as acting at the behest of ISIS. Still, it did not stop the actor-turned-Leftist politician, Prakash Raj, from attacking majoritorianism, which in Sri Lanka is Buddhist, not Hindu. So we now have Buddhist terror added to Hindu terror. But no Islamic terror, even though ISIS has taken credit for the bombing, and several men belonging to a local ISIS subsidiary have been arrested.


Even the Pope has been guarded and not entirely forthright in criticizing ISIS.


Is it fear of being targetted?


My sense is that Christians worldwide, especially in Italy, which includes the Vatican, are terrified of being targeted by Islamic groups. It is not entirely unjustified. Here is what an expert observed.


ISIS, for the world, may be one of the most brutal organisations that killed thousands of innocents, but for these very people who are the followers of the terror outfit, ISIS could do no wrong. They are being true flowers of Islam, the same rationale used by Gandhi to justify the Moplah atrocities, following his ill-fated sponsorship of the Khilafat Movement to restore the Ottoman Caliphate following the defeat and the breakup of Ottoman Turkey in 1919. As reported by a correspondent of the National Public Radio (NPR):


“In one of the camps in the Kurdish-majority region of Rojava in Syria, around 72,000 people are given shelter - most of them are women and children. They are finding it challenging to be in between the ‘infidels’ in the camps, where music is being played, and men and women wear tight clothes.


“This is injustice - we pray for the caliphate to return”, said one of the women who complained they are not given enough food. “If the air strikes did not kill our men and children, we would not have left the caliphate”, said another one. Complaining about the harsh conditions in the camps, these women say that all these are part of the on-going war against Muslims around the world.


So Muslims see it as a war against Islam, in which terrorism is justified. So terrorism must be seen as part of warfare and not just a breach of law.


ISIS doing what the God wanted


Asserting that ISIS could do no wrong, they say that there was absolute justice in their caliphate and everything under the terror outfit was “what god wanted”.


These ISIS followers even defend mass beheading committed by the terror group, “Of course there were beheadings - why should I lie? It’s based on the Quran and the rules of god”, says a Syrian woman, as reported by NPR (National Public Radio).


When asked about the mass murdering of the Yazidis and captured sex slaves, a woman yelled, “They are Devil worshippers!” An Iraqi woman even said, “If they don’t convert to Islam and they don’t become Muslim like us and worship God (Allah), then they deserve it”.


“If you became Muslim and cover like us and became a member of our religion, you would not be killed” (in the ISIS caliphate), said another woman.


This is what Hindus in Kashmir and even Catholics in Europe, especially in Italy, are told. This fear is not unjustified, going by the Christian-Muslim conflicts since the arrival of Islam. Christianity was founded nearly 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, the first holy place of Christianity. The Jerusalem Church was taken over by Arab Muslims in the 7th century. The centre of Christianity then moved to Constantinople, then the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1453, Constantinople fell to the Turkish Sultan Mehmed II who founded the Muslim Ottoman Empire which replaced the Eastern Roman Empire.


Following this, Rome became the centre of Christianity. Muslim leaders have made no secret of their goal to take Rome for Islam. The flood of so-called refugees from Muslim countries that is overwhelming Europe, especially Italy, is only the beginning. Their goal is to turn Italy into a Muslim country.


It is a curious fact that these so-called refugees want to settle only in non-Muslim lands: Rohingyas in India, and others in Europe or America (their preferred destination, but not easy). They never target Muslim countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia. They have no use for these fellow Muslim refugees, not even fellow Arabs from Palestine.


Christians in India are safe only because they have Hindus protecting them. Still their bigotry is such they don’t mind seeing anti-nationals weaken and eventually destroy Hindu India. Why else would Rahul Gandhi join the India-hating Tukde-Tukde gang? And the Congress manifesto is replete with measures that would undermine national security. Sonia Gandhi is no different; her hatred of India is rooted in religious bigotry and Euro-racism. But India has given her both money and safety. And her minions including ‘public intellectuals’ like Ramachandra Guha, Amartya Sen and the Lutyens media share her animosity towards the rising Hindu awareness and nationalism. And they will never change. It has to be seen as a fight to the finish.


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