How to Re-Elect Trump and/or Start a Civil War
by Frank Scott on 04 Oct 2019 0 Comment

The moment this rich, arrogant, egotistical fool – meaning he’s over qualified for the job – moved into the White House, the ruling class began plans to get rid of him. Much too blatantly indicative of what America really is to possibly be allowed to serve as chief executive, they supported impeachment rather than assassination, since even in their nearly comatose mental condition the rulers saw the possibilities of murders of Americans by Americans taking on far more massive than usual numbers if Trump were offed that way.


And their employees in the democratic wing of the party of capital have not only served their owner-master but tried to go beyond, in the best house Negro fashion of past slaves with “We’ll get him for you, boss man, just watch us!” servitude. And after the incredible fiasco of trying to get him on a spy rap for colluding with Putin, we now have an alleged relationship of traitorous meaning with a Ukrainian leader, with all manner of alleged-liberal pseudo-progressive excitable bedwetting threatening DC and its suburbs with flooding dangers not attributable to climate change.


Trump is supposed to have urged the Ukraines to investigate Joe Biden, his son, his wife, or some other members of his family in this fantasy that threatens to make 911 truthers look like masters of logic. Somehow, Trump anticipated long before any votes were cast that Biden would be his opponent in 2020 – wow, what a great democracy the party nurtures with the presidential pinhead already knowing the outcome of the fierce, passionate, dedicated and sacred democratic process by which all candidates are nominated! – and so urged the Ukrainians to destroy his candidacy, as only they can.


I mean hey, aren’t Americans aware of the power of that nation right on Russia’s borders and many of whose people speak Russian and stuff like that? Anyone not aware of the overwhelming power over our great democracy enjoyed by Russian speaking truck drivers and housewives in the Ukraine has probably never studied political science in an American college and then become an advisor to Wall street, Madison avenue, and the Cartoon Channel.


So the party faithful previously playing it cool when urged to move for impeachment by applying some small bit of logic, like: you want the other schmuck to be president?, have now come out from under their political beds and joined the chorus calling for an investigation of the lack of evidence for the charge of alleging traitorous treasonous really bad behavior, again, just like with Russians before and now with Ukrainians, and the rest of the world collapses in laughter at the crumbling of what passes for leadership in America, while also cringing in fear of what our empire in deterioration might spell for the future of the planet, let alone Americans.


Our citizens chained to their jobs, traffic and TV sets with little time or energy to notice the first vanishing to part time if at all, the second getting worse by the minute with more gig workers speeding about to more part time gigs offering lower pay and no benefits, and the TV sets gifting them with momentary escape into the dumbest reality shows and sitcoms to promote shopping for more useless commodities only affordable to a population dining on steak and salmon on a rice and beans budget with plastic payments nearing 900 billion and panhandlers begging for visa, amex, discover and master cards rather than money. Money? What the hell is that? Just charge it and move on, like the government does to support the military industrial complex, the Israeli lobby’s desires, and our minority billionaire owners, their millionaire servants, and global capital. Is this a great democracy or what?


Meanwhile, humanity’s most Important Identity Group, that ruling class more recently dubbed a Deep State by newer critics, has arranged a market approach to the climate crisis that urges newer and cleaner profiteering to save the planet from older and dirtier profiteering. And in future all wars will be fought by a gender, ethnic and philosophically diverse military wearing white gloves while committing mass murder. Yay. But wait. More attention is being paid the Climate Change Crisis while global capital, its cause, still remains mostly unquestioned as humanity is falsely held responsible for creation of the problem while the RC/DS works to suppress its solution – democracy - wherever and whenever it rears its dangerous head.


As in every other case of a problem needing solution, including this deemed the most serious ever, there must be private profits available to truly solve it with even children entrusted to lead as a market force to upbraid their elders and innocently promote greater investment – private, of course - in the necessary transformation that will replace some fossil fuel with more renewable energy but use that energy to create more mostly useless products for consumption in the private profit creating market which is the bottom line factor in creation of the problem.


This, while Trump leads the forces of fundamentalist capital against the social democratic capital favoring the sanitized version of poverty and war. But there is now a small but growing group of actual socialists who need to move quickly and end the façade of cosmetic change that works to return to a dead past instead of creating a future of democracy that not only extends to politics but the economics at their foundation.


While we are manipulated to support laws that impeach individuals and leave a system intact, or more commonly charge individuals with something called hate crimes, we are kept oblivious to a global economy that is one horrendous hate crime, a malevolent social disease that threatens the future of all humanity. The borrowing of more artificially inflated money that is then used to purchase goods and services of materially deflated value can only continue us on the path towards a fate much worse than financial failure.


Americans reduced to identity-by-hyphenation need to focus on what follows the hyphen with far more intensity than what precedes it. Divide and conquer politics distract us from understanding the minority group at the commanding heights of the political economy, the one which is being bailed out by all the minorities which compose an unrepresented majority. The now at least partly multicultural minority at the top, thanks to affirmative action, should demand all our attention. They amount to a gang of political servants to capital who wear sombreros while eating lasagna at a gay synagogue in Harlem. And rest assured, they will join in this impeachment fiasco which could lead to an even worse crisis than the dangerous one we already experience.


We need to become a democratic majority to insure our survival, not as cultural minorities, hyphenated ethnicities or racist subdivisions, but as members of the only scientifically verifiable identity group in which we all hold membership: The human race.


Frank Scott writes political commentary and satire which appears online at Legalienate

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