Advice to JNU students: Stop being delusional
by N S Rajaram on 22 Nov 2019 6 Comments

The Jawaharlal University is ideally situated to make a contribution by addressing some important problems like the water crisis and air pollution. Instead its students seem engaged in anarchic activities, in causes that serve the interests of anti-national forces like the Jihadis and Naxalites. It might lead to the university being shut down, leaving its students in the lurch. But its students seem to be living in a delusional world of protests and anarchy.


The unseemly sight of student agitation at JNU over the past few weeks fills me with sadness for the people who are provoking you into vandalism in the name of protest are destroying your future. They will not be there to help you when you need help. The Congress-Communist nexus in whose interests you were used are on the verge of extinction. Their idea is to use you as useful idiots (as Lenin called such people) to create violence and pressure the Modi Government to resign. It will not happen.


You seem to be unaware of the depth of revulsion your conduct has given rise to nationwide. I have found no one express a word of sympathy for you or your cause. No one believes you are fighting for anything except an easy life at public expense.


Your conduct in trying to intimidate TV reporters was not only wrong but also foolish and immature. Here was an opportunity for you to present your side to the public on national TV. Instead by vandalizing Vivekananda’s statue and blocking the ambulance and holding Delhi to ransom you totally antagonized everyone. The public thinks you are nothing but agents of anti-national forces like the Jihadis and Naxalites. Some are saying that JNU = Jihadi Naxalite University. It might be unfair, but you have only yourselves to blame for it. You have no goodwill left with the public. No one will be sorry if you and your university are made to disappear.


Nobody believes your talk of revolution and Azadi. Most people see you as a bunch of freeloaders being funded generously by government money. Nobody needs you or your incoherent ideology. If you want Kashmir to get Azadi, go to Kashmir and fight. Not just sit in Ganga Dhaba and eat tandoori and drink tea. Revolutions are made of sterner stuff, not by freeloaders enjoying life at taxpayer’s expense. In truth what you want is for this easy life to go on forever.


It is your future at stake here. You cannot do without government money, the country’s taxpayers can do without you and your third rate university. I know what I am talking about. Your arrogance is based on ignorance. Apparently some of you think you know everything because you spent many years, some even nearly ten years studying. You were not studying but having an easy time at taxpayers’ money. If you spent many years, it is because you couldn’t complete your course work needed to pass out.


I spent four years at a leading American university. I came out with several advanced degrees, MS and Ph.D in mathematical physics - in Probability and Statistics. I later taught at several universities in Ohio, Texas and Massachusetts. I have also advised graduate (or post-graduate) students doing MS and Ph.D. I am still associated with one of the world’s top universities as a visitor. Most of you would not be admitted to these universities.


I also worked as a researcher at a high technology company and as advisor to NASA. I took early retirement at age 48 and returned to India for personal reasons. I have also started and run my own high technology company specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics. I have also been the chairman of a manufacturing company in Bangalore. The reason I am mentioning these is to suggest it was work focus and hard work that enabled me to do this.


You are also under some delusions with regard to the political climate in India and globally. Nationalism today is the governing ideology in India and even the world. The Left wing anarchism you’re mouthing is headed into the dustbin of history. If you are not careful, that is where you and your university too will end up.


There are already influential voices in the country, calling for JNU to be closed until the mess is cleared and placed under a stronger administration with tight control. Where will that leave you? Nowhere. Why should the hard working taxpaying people support you? Will Pakistan’s Imran Khan (himself bankrupt) and dead Mao employ you? You are totally dependent on the Indian Government for your survival. They have had enough of you.


Nobody I know is interested in hiring you. To begin with you have no useful skills. Good universities like IISc, IITs and IIMs have scores of recruiters with attractive offers for their graduates. I know of no recruiters  interested in your kind of ‘students’ who have spent many years doing nothing but living at taxpayers’ expense. People have had enough of your juvenile antics. You are fools to bite the hand that feeds you.


My advice to you is, reform yourselves, come out of your delusional world or end up in the dustbin of history. The world doesn’t owe you a living for your infantile antics. You are being used by people who think you are useful idiots. They will discard you once their purpose is served. Then you could spend the rest of your life as useless idiots.


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