Impeach the System
by Frank Scott on 21 Dec 2019 1 Comment

The annual season of joy, compassion, and frenzied shopping with money we mostly don’t have to buy gifts people mostly don’t need, has competition in the market this year. The impeachment fiasco has only appealed to a minority of shoppers among the multitudes, but they number many and are mostly good folks honestly reacting to the program being forcefully fed us by our mind managers. If any American president were impeached for leading the country into murdering foreigners, dumping Americans into poverty and prisons and polluting the environment almost into ending its capacity to reproduce itself, that might be revolutionary. But while Trump buries his face more deeply into Israel’s crotch than any previous CEO of corporate America, we are bombarded with drivel about Russian meddling in the multi-billion dollar perversion we dub a democracy.


Trump’s presidency has introduced something beyond his own simplistic rich boy assholism to this era. While a near mindless assault on his personal character flaws approaches irrational frenzy, he introduces more criticism of the American political system – consciously or not – than his critics can muster, often because they are part of the problem and hardly its solution. Pretty shameful when this billionaire boob calls more into question than alleged protectors of minority rights, who might just as well openly support the minority they enrich: the 1%.


He has created more problems for NATO, the WTC and other aspects of global capital’s imperial domination of the world than any liberal president, willingly or not, and the schmuck is a chapter and verse fervent believer in the system! He is such a threat to it that the owners and rulers have been out to get him since the day he backed into the subsidized housing in D.C., threatening to mess up their good thing even before nature destroys it.


As our political economic system gets worse for more people every day, the spectacle created to distract us has become more bizarre for minority rulers to remain in control. While consuming vast amounts of commodities in celebration of the market forces of ancient capital in Israel and modern capital in America, we are programmed to see signs of collapse in that system as simply the fault of individuals and identity groups falsely labeled the source of our troubles. But the only label we need to really learn about and use, and the real source of our problems, is capitalism.


That is the system that survived under fascism in Germany and fascism is nothing more or less than a stage of capitalism. There are many similarities between the evil Nazi and benign American mass murderers of World War 2, but we are programmed to forget some and buy portions of the lie that their alleged “genocide” of Jews is somehow worse than our alleged “genocide” of indigenous people to establish our country centuries ago. The “g” word is over used and murdering people is bad enough without having to prove allegations that the murderers wanted to kill everyone and not just a helluva lot of human beings.


We need to grow up and get over it; we nearly destroyed the people who lived here for thousands of years before Europeans had any idea the continent existed, let alone its people, and we shot, stabbed, exploded and deep fried hundreds of thousands of Japanese and Germans in WW2 without needing any camps or gas chambers and handled possibly even more innocents - which most of those Japanese and Germans were - not only later in southeast Asia, but on the way up to the minute in the Middle East. It’s got to stop before it’s too late, and we need to counter minority control of this nation and the world by working to create real democracy, the real power of the people, which will make it necessary to stop crapping on members of the working majority, worldwide, and concentrating on the tiny leisure minority presently controlling us into an uncontrolled and disastrous future if we don’t change our, in order to change their, ways.


Unending hatred-fear-animosity directed at those labeled “fascist” now, frequently bald-headed tattooed alienated people making spectacles of themselves so the comfortable class can aim its hatred at - relatively speaking - scapegoats while remaining helpless to or unconscious of Wall Street-Pentagon forces and the tiny minority of billionaires and multi-millionaires who run this show. We make a really dirty joke of calling this thing a democracy because some of us get a chance to vote for a class of professionals of all sexes, skin tones and ethnicities sometimes truly wanting to help, but mostly helping the system to survive, by helping themselves.


Programmed divisions among the American “brand” of the human race are assuring that owners of the brand and profiteers from selling it remain in power while various “identity” groups declare war on one another, claim the most suffering for themselves and aim hatred at those in rare cases only slightly better off than they are, materially, while in most cases even in worse social condition. Who the hell else is going to shave his head and get a swastika tattoo and parade around in public than a totally alienated person? Or, an agent of the Southern Poverty Law Center, among those who make a great deal of money from the “fascists are coming” market?


The fascists, or those taking us in that direction, were in power long before the present rich pinhead moved into the White House, and they aren’t alienated jerks marching in the street so members of the psycho-neurotic comfort class can make sport of them and feel righteous in doing so. They took and continue to take trillions of our dollars for war, to bail out banks, to manufacture the death and destruction of millions the world over, and they don’t wear tattoos or swastikas, but ride in limos, live in mansions and laugh at us while we carry on about criminals in the ghettos and attach racist names to them about skin tones and other meaningless bullshit that defies science, religion, politics, economics and all other systemic excuses to cover for immorality.


Those who don’t accept human responsibility for climate change are dubbed anti-science but the dub-ers are part of the same system as the dub-ees. Islam says there is no god but god and that’s religion, but science says there is no race but human and that’s fact! Cultural differences can be profound, but they are not racial. People who are very tall, very short, very fat or very skinny are not members of a different race. They are simply tall, short, fat or skinny humans, and their skin tones, genitals, ethnicities or languages are meaningless on human grounds, and only made to count among humans socially programmed to believe in such fanatic bullshit. Ending the divide and conquer minority-identity program currently in force is necessary in order to truly start a program for the democratic salvation of humanity.


The climate crisis - the threatened collapse of civilization - is problem humanity must deal with, but is hardly caused by humanity. Several billion people didn’t decide on it. The move to democracy and away from minority rule must deal with the system that has transformed people, earth, air and water into commodities for sale at a market bringing private profit to individuals before any notion of the public good. The public good must come before, not after, private profit, and bringing that about means developing some respect for the public itself, and not just one or another minority of it. 

The class ruling America - and their most important servants - is now composed of members from every identity group possible, even if most may still be of European descent. The rest of us in the ruled majority have to act consciously of and about our common predicament, whether we are of color, no color, multi-color, have nipples on our testicles or a penis between our breasts. We are the human race; we create material reality and need to take control of it for the betterment of all and not just some. Impeach the system.


Frank Scott writes political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate,

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