Impeachment, “Engineered Chaos” and the New World Order
by Gordon Duff on 01 Jan 2020 0 Comment

A new world order is here, and Trump’s impeachment is playing a roll. For nearly three years the planet has been turned upside down, threats of war, endless sanctions, treaties tossed aside, trade agreements trashed and, just perhaps, a pattern is emerging. “Madness or method,” these are the questions we will examine.


Inside the US, it is much more. While leveraging the massive power of special interests and foreign lobbyists, Trump has directly challenged the US constitution and has obviously won. America’ system of government is on the scrap heap. We even have members of Congress claiming Trump is a “Christ figure” and “King of Israel,” ruling the US, above all law by the will of god. Such talk is obviously unhinged.


What we are going to examine, and it is time to go this far, is whether this rather extreme situation was, in fact, engineered for a purpose, one Trump announced long ago, to “drain the swamp.” If so, and intentional or not, America is certainly in “free fall,” then the longstanding feud between Washington and Russia-China, born of the post-war era, could well end as well.


Military Waste and the Fake Narrative


Military spending represents the single largest tax on mankind today, entirely driven by forces none understand. There are no current threats of major conflict between the United States, Russia or China whatsoever, the entire concept is a fabrication. All economies are so interweaved that the idea of a single nation state or group of states forming a coalition against others is a nonstarter, which is why NATO is dead and Europe looks East to Russia for trade and of course energy from natural gas.


It didn’t begin with Trump. Trump didn’t begin the fake narrative of global conflict. I think we can safely point out that the entire “war on terror” was fabricated to create an enemy to feed America’s bloated military industrial complex. We can also state categorically that despite some progress toward reality during the Clinton administration in the 1990s, which very temporarily balanced the American budget for the first time since World War I, the primary business of the Washington “swamp” is to sell fake threats, fabricate fake enemies and profit from the rake-off from the criminal elites that wield so much power in America’s capitol.


Crazy is as Crazy Does


With Trump, we certainly don’t have “business as usual.” While little actual combat has gone on, Trump has threatened war against nation after nation, certainly China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and probably some others we don’t know about. In the process, he has thumbed his nose at Congress, at the constitution, at the courts and simply pretended laws don’t exist. Could there be a plan to his madness?


He certainly knew he was going to be impeached and, we believe, pushed this forward doing anything possible to break as many laws as he could. The question is why? The answers are obvious, some are at least, and include utter disrespect and disdain for Washington politics and America’s failed form of government. In challenging the way of things, Trump has touched all Americans and their hatred of government. Is Trump a reformer through “reverse psychology?” Is he demonstrating utter and absolute corruption and abuse of power to bring a rotting house down around himself?


Fake Impeachment


Trump, of course, knows that his policies, massive overspending, waste and his alignments with the wealthy and powerful, will protect him no matter what he does. Cursory examination of Trump’s methods reveals him to be the “clown prince” of the Deep State, but is this true? The Senate has made that clear, they won’t even hold an impeachment trial, won’t examine witnesses nor even allow what is required by law.


Impeachment Goes Global


What isn’t seen is how this changes everything and, in particular, to the international order of things. Time to “get real.” The biggest threat today is terrorism and Islamic extremism. However, Islamic extremism or “Wahhabism,” is entirely funded by Saudi Arabia, America and Israel’s ally. Worse still, the terror groups ISIS and al Qaeda, have, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov, been aided by the US, certainly against Syria, from day one, a well-established Obama policy that Trump seems to support, or is he?


Then there is the other problem, the liars of the press and the massive censorship engine of Google and Facebook. Their hand in promoting conflict is obvious even to small children. If Trump isn’t insane or a total fool, then is he trying to simply “blow it all up” in order to leave a legacy of a real New World Order where America can demilitarize?


The Method


Are his extremely aggressive trade policies a way of demonstrating how American can use economic muscle instead of military muscle to guarantee survival? These are only hypotheses, why we analyze and examine, why we watch and why we profile leaders, too often seeing signs of unsound behaviors. Making this process nearly hopeless is the filter created by the media that imposes theatricality in place of reality.


Pushing Back Armageddon


Trump’s impeachment gives Russia a “hand up” in negotiations with the US over a renewed START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) agreement, something vital since Trump abrogated the IMF treaty. The START treaty had been a dead issue for both Washington and Moscow for one simple reason, it didn’t include China. In 1987, the idea that China would be a potential superpower was not considered.


But is China really a strategic threat? Back in 2010, the problem had been identified and predicted, as we see in this Heritage Foundation funded tome by Peter Brooks: “Discussion of the US-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty — a k a New START — has so far pretty much skipped one very “important consideration: China. In the run-up to last week’s committee vote to send the treaty to the floor for ratification this fall, senators quite rightly debated whether New START overly restrains US missile-defense options, has weak verification procedures, cuts too many US missiles or warheads (relative to Russian reductions) or might affect nuclear North Korea and near-nuclear Iran.


“But lawmakers haven’t yet fully faced the problem that, as we build down our strategic nuclear forces (by some 20 percent under New START) in the White House’s hopes that others will disarm, China is involved in a strategic buildup. So, before there’s any final vote on an arms-control pact that would endure for the next 10 years, it’d be wise to give some thought to Beijing’s burgeoning bevy of bombs.


“While the exact shape of China’s grand ambitions may not be clear, there’s little question they exist. Few would dispute that Beijing wouldn’t mind taking the head seat at the table of global powers, now occupied by Washington. As such, China has been growing all aspects of its national power: political, economic and military. Nor is the last limited to a break-neck conventional buildup; its strategic forces are booming, too.


“China long relied on a small, land-based nuclear force of ICBMs in fixed silos and on a limited number of road-mobile missiles, providing for a “sufficient and effective” deterrence in Beijing’s eyes. But the force has started getting bigger, better and badder. For instance, while the US strategic arsenal desperately needs updating, Chinese nuclear forces are being modernized across the board. And China’s warhead numbers are up, by some estimates even doubling in recent years. The Pentagon says Beijing may now be able to put multiple nukes on a single, newly developed, road-mobile missile.”


The article was wrong and the Heritage Foundation, a very “conservative,” read “war-mongering” think tank, lied. A decade later, China has fewer than 300 nuclear weapons and spends little or nothing on its strategic nuclear program. Instead, China spends on missile defense and rightly so. By record, China, though 2nd in military spending to the US, follows the example of Iran in limiting force projection capabilities. China’s military, thus, is defensive.


Another key background piece is America’s bloated military budget, now sitting a $734 billion, a massive increase over the $649 billion in 2018, for a nation with only a handful of troops in combat anywhere though deployed everywhere but to what purpose? America’s largest conflict is in Afghanistan where combat related deaths in 2019 measured 12 for the year, a number often hit in less than one hour in Vietnam. America loses many more of its military due to texting while driving.


The Farce in Washington


Let’s be clear, Trump was not impeached over Russia or over an election. He was impeached because he wanted to be impeached. The evidence is overwhelming, not just that he blackmailed a foreign leader to interfere in an American election, but that he did it just to see if he could get away with it. He did it, quite possibly, to prove how broken America is. Trump then broke law after law, threatening witnesses, endlessly violating constitutional separation of powers, equally endless acts of obstruction, whatever that means, and all the while surrounded by lawyers including William Barr.


Trump and Syria


But let’s get back to Russia and their role in Syria. Some might note that the US Senate, which backs Trump 100% just passed a new bill, now heading for the House of Representatives, placing crippling sanction on Syria’s currency and her central bank. Any nation that trades, even in humanitarian supplies, even vaccines, will be barred from any trade with the United States. This issue, which is unreported, led to a “crash meeting” between Russia and Iran starting on December 19, 2014. This is warfare, pure and simple, not “sanctions” but an economic blockade, essentially an economic “carpet bombing” of the Syrian people.


However, Russia has not been caught unaware, not in Syria at least. Russia had begun a program of organizing and training Kurdish units previously allied with the United States. The reason is simple, it allows Russia and Syria to move to the Turkish-Iraq border to begin to control the illegal US theft of oil which is economically propping up al Qaeda in Idlib Province. Problem is, much of that oil is being moved across the Iraqi border into Turkey and Russia is likely to see the border there as “porous” and act, as it had earlier.


How long will Trump overtly thumb his nose at the world, stealing oil, laundering money into the hands of terrorists and doing it in “broad daylight.” Do note that the Bush (43) administration not only did much worse but, according to sources, produced and distributed over $300 billion in heroin from Afghanistan as part of their “military efforts.” Trump’s “oil theft” in Syria is, at best, symbolic but why now?


Many forget that the US had allowed well over 10,000 ISIS oil trucks to have free passage from Iraq and Syria for some time, all under a coalition air umbrella, pretending none of it existed until Russian Aerospace forces “lowered the boom.” This was done under the watchful eye of Barak Obama.


A Mobster for Attorney General?


In order to understand Trump’s actions, we will return to the name, “William Barr,” current Attorney General of the United States, long recognized as a Deep State front-man. Barr is a former CIA operative from the 1970s who worked as a “fixer” with longtime partner Robert Mueller, according to Gene Tatum in his book, “The Mule.” Part of the gang is Mueller’s so-called “puppet, “James Comey, who continually banters with Trump as though they were somehow locked in mortal combat.


In truth, all are “swamp creatures,” with a long history of selling out the United States for personal gain and endless ties to big oil, big pharma and the military industrial complex. The other level is the theory being operated on, that being one of “chaos.” When you add Rudy Giuliani into the mix, Trump’s closest associates, we might as well add son in law Jared Kushner as well, are deeply stained, tainted and useless, more a burden than anything and extremely risky for Trump to keep around. Are they “patsies” or “provocateurs?”




“Chaos,” is, in itself, a “method,” if employed for purpose. The purpose could be world domination of a centralized oligarchy or “peace and plenty,” at the hands of those who overtly have long shown indifference to the human condition. If demilitarization is in the cards, though weapons reduction treaties “shoehorned” around Washington’s powerful lobbies, the root of the “swamp,” intended on restructuring a peaceful world economy then politics has gone topsy-turvy.


We are being asked to assume that those politically aligned, for the past century, with spreading America’s military around the world, are going to roll it all back. Yet, that may well be what we are seeing and only the smokescreen of “engineered chaos” could make it possible.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy

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