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The British so-called charity ActionAid’s politico-communal interventions are on record.  Oxfam, another British so-called charity, is no different.

The Oxfam (India) Trust’s Violence Mitigation and Amelioration Project (VMAP) in 2003 published the blatantly communal “The impact of violence on the student community in Kashmir,” and even in 2006 its “research consultant” and Gauhar Fazili (one of the authors of the publication) were using it to openly abuse Indian security forces and preach secessionism (1).  Both Oxfam and a Delhi-based “Aman” are identified as important fundgivers to carefully selected Kashmir NGOs to further their donation objectives, thus possibly evading FCRA scrutiny (2).

In fact, Oxfam with the Ford Foundation spawned Aman (3) and both still fund it (as do ActionAid, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, and the National Foundation for India) (4).  Oxfam and Aman published Pamela Bhagat’s “Interviews in Kashmir”. No interview of a Hindu was reported (5). Likewise, the sponsorship, publication and bias of Sahba Husain’s “The Psychological Impact of Violence (VMAP): Work done with local NGOs in Kashmir, April 2000-2003”. Husain is the “research consultant” mentioned above and, of the three “local NGOs” she selected, one is an Aman “partner”. 

Now, this Aman is Dileep Simeon’s Aman Public Charitable Trust aka the Aman Panchayat.  Oxfam and the Ford Foundation also funded Aman’s Peace and Conflict Studies Course with Pakistan’s, yes, Pakistan’s Hamdard University (6). This latter Aman was something called The Aman Trust, and had a Delhi address different from that of the Aman Public Charitable Trust - but, curiously, its contact person Hassath is a “colleague” in the former (Simeon’s Aman) Trust and, of the six course instructors, three were Simeon and his fellow-trustees.  The Director of The Aman Trust, one Jamal Kidwai, is (like Hassath) a “colleague” in Simeon’s Trust, but it is not stated who is Simeon’s Trust’s Director. So apparently these are two distinct Trusts but with direct money and human resource linkages. And Kidwai and many Simeon “colleagues” have Oxfam backgrounds.

Oxfam also joins with the Aman Samudaya to work amongst the “affected population” in Gujarat (7). This Aman is Harsh Mander’s, and we already know from Harsh Mander that “affected” means Muslims only. As it appears to mean for Oxfam too. But notice how all the Amans are webbed together through Oxfam and ActionAid, and note the communally selective interventions in the Indian polity.  And note that, as with ActionAid, the British government has a very long, close, financially exceedingly generous (one 2002-2005 grant alone was GBP 20 million), policy and programme partnership with Oxfam. 

The British government itself states it uses “civil society organisations with which it has significant working relationships and shared objectives” in “strategic agreements” linked to “strategic funding”.  And it is equally clear that both ActionAid and Oxfam are two such “civil society organizations” that are tools of British foreign policy for India (8). Indeed, further evidence of ActionAid’s communal bias for India is its sponsorship in Hindu-majority India of a Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan to seed social discord by propagating the blasphemy that “the Quran says men and women have equal rights” (it doesn’t - for example, Koran 4.34 quite explicitly and unambiguously subordinates women to men).

Communal bias and social discord, because ActionAid in Pakistan and Bangladesh sees no need to sponsor such andolans in those Muslim-majority Islamic States that are exterminating Hindus.  ActionAid with Harsh Mander’s communal Anhad sponsors a seminar that declares Gujarat a “fascist State” and (for Gujarat’s democratically-elected chief minister Narendra Modi) says, “defeat Modi for the sake of democracy”. Gauhar Fazili (remember, patronised by Oxfam) mocks India’s Election Commission’s conducted election in Kashmir as “an assault on Kashmir”. ActionAid’s Zakia Jowhar, linked also to the Aman Samudaya organisation), repeats the lie of “over 2,000” Muslims killed in Gujarat (9). 

The Indian government endeavours to tighten regulation of foreign donations because of “internal security concerns...intelligence reports of terrorists using funds received through foreign contribution and NGOs building assets and disposing them to make a neat margin.” Protests are led by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen “emphasising that foreign NGOs help in developing local ones;” Pooran Chandra Pandey, CEO of the Voluntary Action Network of India (VANI) who “emphasised that it was important to allow NGOs to invest in say, approved mutual funds,” in other words, “the stock market;” Maja Daruwala of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) because “these people are doing fantastic work to alleviate poverty” (10) and again by Swati Kapoor of the CHRI who, with VANI, does not believe “the government’s claim that funds coming to the voluntary sector are used for anti-national activities” (11).

VANI’s funders are the Ford Foundation, DFID and the Netherlands-based Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (12). Of VANI’s eight promoters, at least three are Christians (13) and its chair Rajesh Tandon has a close link with the Commonwealth Foundation UK (14).  Maja Daruwala of CHRI is a member of VANI’s Working Committee. While the website of CHRI, as on 28/1/07, gave no specific information of its financial sources, its “supporters” included the Ford Foundation, the British High Commission and the Commonwealth Foundation, its executive committee included Poonam Muttreja (see fn 18 below), and the only two States in India for which it has special staff are Chhattisgarh and Gujarat.

Note that the absence of human rights for Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in Kashmir does not agitate this “Commonwealth” human rights initiative. The British interest in Chhattisgarh goes back a long way (p.133), and S.S. Barnala, Governor of Tamil Nadu, appreciated the 22% increase in 2004-2005 of foreign donations over those in 2003-2004 as showing “the growing trust and faith of foreign donors in Indian organisations” with an exhortation of the “need to effectively harness the positive energy and missionary zeal of the NGO sector” (15). It is not without irony that Maja Daruwala is the daughter of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

Can you still believe all these are “charities”, or are they British government instruments to destabilise our polity?             

The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is a jihadi enterprise that, notwithstanding the approval of its ban by the Supreme Court of India, continues to enjoy the sympathy of our Nehruvian-secular government.

Yet even the Indian government is sometimes forced to acknowledge SIMI’s seditious agenda. As, for example, it did in a deposition before the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal (“SIMI funding: Alms to arms”, The Pioneer, Aug 17, 2006). The deposition identified some of SIMI’s foreign “moral and financial” sponsors, including - and this is one of direct interest to us here - the America-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims. (Note that, unlike the America-based hate-sponsored campaign against the IDRF, there hasn’t been even the whisper of a campaign - in America or Hindustan - against the jihadi “alms to arms” sponsorship accepted by the UPA government itself.)

Now scroll about halfway down (Refugee Watch Issue No. 12, December 2000) to the section titled “The Americas” that reports on the American Federation of Muslims from India (AFMI). Refugee Watch goes on to say that “other organizations that have focused on contesting Hindutva and funding relief and legal aid to Muslims arrested in the aftermath of riots of 1992-3 (“about 80%” of the “65,000 TADA detenus” were Muslims) and in general campaigned for the human rights of Indian Muslims include the Indian Muslim Relief Committee of the Islamic Society of North America (IMRC), the Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims in the US and Canada (CCIM), and the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM)” (16). In other words, AFMI, IMRC, AIM and CCIM have professional linkages.

The UPA government itself links CCIM to SIMI. Now check out the list on p.149 of this book.

AFMI and IMRC have links to Harsh Mander (as he and they do to ASHA for Education -, with “specific interest” from Sonia Gandhi - and IMC-USA specifically patronizes Mander ( 
IMC-USA, IMRC and apparently also AIM pay his bills in to, from and in America 
as those of his wife too (!.   

Follow up with p.172 of this book that lists the America-based so-called Coalition Against Genocide - CAG.  In it feature AFMI, AIM and IMRC.

Continue to follow through to p.117 of this book for “at least one self-proclaimed SIMI founder tied to senior IMC leadership”. IMC is the America-based Indian Muslim Council. It features in the CAG list and in the Vigil listing of sponsors of both Harsh Mander and Aruna Roy. IMC is connected to the jihadi Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the L-e-T is connected to Pakistan’s ISI. 

Now, Refugee Watch, in its same section, goes on to report that “AIM intends to forge links with progressive Indians and has been working on establishing links with Pakistani Americans.”

Both Harsh Mander and Aruna Roy, as eminent Nehruvian secularists, are certainly “progressive Indians”.

So what do we have here? An extended and devious web of “moral and financial” linkages, that (by the UPA government’s own admission) includes SIMI.

Seems far-fetched?  Try this for a clincher:

SIMI activists were involved in the Godhra massacre of Hindus (17). ActionAid, technically a British “charity”, involved itself in the legal defence of the Godhra accused - and only of the Godhra accused, all Muslim. Who led this defence initiative? ActionAid’s India country director. Who was this country director? Harsh Mander (18). Yes, the same Harsh Mander who is a loud supporter of Pakistan (p.155).

And yes, this is the same Harsh Mander linked to America-based Muslim donors linked to jihadi Pakistan and to jihadi SIMI linked to support of Pakistan and of SIMI jihadis by Harsh Mander. The wheel turned full circle.

And it continues to turn..... 

Harsh Mander is a fund-raiser for the IMRC.

Ah, but it is cleverly done. This IMRC for which he raises funds is “Indian Muslim Relief and Charities”. No connection to the “Indian Muslim Relief Committee” of the jihadi links? You’re wrong. Same organization, with the same American address, but it uses two different names. Why? Why sometimes should it call itself the Indian Muslim Relief Committee and why sometimes Indian Muslim Relief and Charities? Like all those ActionAid and Oxfam (and ultimately British government) funded Amans appeasing Muslims and promoting Muslim separatism in India.

Consider the indisputable polymorphism of jihadi and jihad-linked individuals and organisations, with Harsh Mander linking himself to one form, and now to another. One paid for him; he now raises money for the other. Ek haath se liya, dusre haath se diya. Proof?
(, as on 11-9-2006)

The IMRC announces its hosting on May 20, 2006, in the Illinois Frankfort Mosque (yes, in a mosque), of Mr. Harsh Mander “to raise awareness in the Chicago community about the rights of street children and minorities in India. Mr. Harsh Mander will speak about his experiences and the challenges facing his legal justice project for the victims of the 2002 state government-sanctioned genocide in Gujarat and ‘Every Child’, his project to help street children.”

The congregation in the mosque is invited to contribute “prayers... followed closely by financial donations”, and “students, particularly, are invited to join Mr. Mander (sic) and IMRC in their work across India”.

The IMRC describes Mr. Mander as “currently Country Director for ‘Action Aid India’. He is also convener of Aman Biradari, a people’s campaign for communal harmony and justice, founding member of Anhad, director of Center for Equity Studies, Delhi, visiting Professor at Jamia Millia University, Delhi, and columnist for Hindustan Times. He is a Director of Policy Research at the Center for Equity Studies and an advisor to the supreme court in ‘Right To Food’ case.” More proof?

For the previous evening, the same IMRC announces its hosting of the same Mr. Mander, again to solicit “prayers...followed closely by financial donations”, but this time for “justice for the Gujarat victims.” For this occasion, the IMRC says

Meet Mr. Harsh Mander. The man who stood by his convictions. The man who resigned his comfortable post in the IAS in protest and decided to take the Indian government to task over the state-sanctioned Gujarat carnage in 2002. That murderous rampage has been billed by Indians of all backgrounds and religions as one of the most horrific events in the history of free India. Acts of rape and mutilation of even pregnant women and children became commonplace during the carnage. Today, it’s been four long and gruelling years since Mr. Mander began his work. He has raised funds and successfully petitioned the Indian government to re-open 2000 cases filed by victims of the pogrom. Yet, justice for the Gujarat victims is a far-fetched notion. Gujarat continues to be a powder-keg with victims still living in fear and, those who returned to the state, facing social and economic boycott. Mr. Mander, in response, also formed the mostly volunteer-run NGO, Aman Biradari. This is a people’s campaign for promoting communal harmony. It aspires to build local level institutions mainly of youth and women, of diverse faith, caste and gender, at village and district levels to strengthen mutual bonds of tolerance, fraternity, respect and peace between people of different backgrounds. It is intended to promote equal citizenship, justice, communal harmony, peace and the celebration of our social and cultural diversity. Amongst its many initiatives, volunteers are trained as paralegals to assist the victims of the Gujarat pogrom.

Ah, the wonderful Maulana Mander, a man of so many parts, a true Gandhian, actively promoting the Islamic goal for Hindustan, enthusiastically paid for and supported by foreign Islamic organizations with a trail that leads to Pakistan and its jihad against us, and equally enthusiastically raising funds for them.

And lying through his teeth all the while about himself and what really happened in Gujarat.  

Note that this man has never spoken a word against the Islamic State of Pakistan (nor any other Islamic State) but he publicly welcomed the end in Nepal of the world’s last Hindu kingdom (19).

Nehruvian secularism suborns our nation to hostile foreign interests. They occupy seats in the very centre of power in our polity.

Page 144 of this book notes the presence in the country’s National Advisory Council of a member “who, for well over a decade, is on a foreign payroll - a huge and steady monthly income disguised as an advisorship”. He’s still there. Who is this member with access to inside data of our government’s plans and policies? 

Will our Nehruvian-secular government reveal from where have been, over the last 10 years, the primary sources of income of its NAC member Dr. A.K. Shiva Kumar? (20) But why should the government do so?  Its prime minister (the de jure one, that is) himself has close foreign links - and this is not about just his dollar pension worth Rs 2.5 lakhs a month (21).

Take the National Foundation for India – NFI (22) that, set up in 1992, calls itself “a non-profit making charitable trust”. Its first listed aim is “to raise funds both nationally and internationally...” Donor information is only till 2002-03, and donation amounts only for 2002-2003. We are now in 2006. Its international donors include the Rockefeller Foundation (amount not stated) and the Ford Foundation (USD 100,000); its national donors include a number of our government departments. It has a collaboration since 2002 with ASHA - Stanford (donor amount not stated), and had “partnered” the post-Godhra Aman Charitable Trust, Delhi, giving it Rs 3,30,000 in 2002-03 to keep going till, in expectation of FCRA clearance, the latter could receive USD 100,000 from the Ford Foundation. The Aman Charitable Trust, notwithstanding all that money, does not appear to have its own website, though the NFI tells us it “was set up by a group of eminent peace activists...with the objective to work proactively towards conflict resolution through research, workshops and advocacy”. The Aman (Public?) Charitable Trust also received USD 6,750 from the America-based Association for India’s Development (AID) in the category “Peace Efforts” (23)

Now, Dileep Simeon’s Aman Public Charitable Trust also received NFI and AID aid (24) but it is confusingly unclear whether the NFI site’s Aman is the same as Simeon’s is the same as Hamdard’s. What remains the same is so much foreign money flowing in for so much “peace activism”, a politically correct euphemism for Muslim appeasement. ActionAid, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, AID, ASHA, the Amans and now Oxfam all illuminate the pages of this book.   

So where does our prime minister (the de jure one, remember) link into all this?

Note the trustees of the National Foundation for India, as listed on the NFI website, Aug 22, 2006:
Mr. Kiran Karnik (Chairman)
Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
Mr. N. Ram
Dr. Manmohan Singh, MP
Ms. Sayeda Hamid
Ms. Patricia Mukim
Mr. P. Sainath
Ms. Anita Rampal
Prof. Andre Beteille
Ms. Malika Sarabhai
Mr. Deepak Parekh
Representative: The Ford Foundation

Dr. Manmohan Singh, MP. That’s right. Dr Manmohan Singh, PM. In company with other distinguished Nehruvian secularists and all of them in company with the representative of the Ford Foundation. All of them trustees of the National Foundation for India. You and I, aam admi, wanting to meet our prime minister, may not even be allowed within hailing distance of him. The representative of the Ford Foundation (a foreign institution actively engaged in influencing our country’s politics - p.37 of this book) sits with him at the same table, helping him receive foreign money to dole it out within the country (25)

And, fellow Hindustanis, the NAC and the NFI are just one instance each of our country’s de facto prime minister and our country’s de jure prime minister as links in the web of NGOs, activists and foreign funds that is an anti-nation industry (26)

The Koranic goal for Islam is a worldwide ummah. Its chief instrument, sanctioned by Allah himself, is jihad.

Sanjay “Munnabhai” Dutt, in reel life promoting Gandhian ahimsa, in real life was convicted for the illegal possession of an AK-56 rifle and its ammunition that was part of a consignment for the 1993 Mumbai jihadi serial bomb blasts that killed over 250 Hindustanis. He bought this rifle through the Interpol-noted jihadi Abu Salem and he bought it for his “self-defence”.

The murderous AK rifle is a favoured jihadi weapon. 

Jihadis kill. 

Now meet Harsh “Mandarbhai”, another consummate performer who, while promoting Gandhian ahimsa through the facade of “prayers”,  actually raises money (“followed closely by financial donations”) through a web of linkages of “moral and financial” support to jihadis.

Jihadis to kill us.
[This Appendix in its original form appears as V’mala 105, 106 on]
9.    Hindustan Times (New Delhi), Jan 11, 2007;
10.  Hindustan Times, Dec 21, 2006.
12. ; all three feature in this book ( ICCO  in 12 on p.277).
15.  The Hindu, Sept 30, 2006
16   Note how Refugee Watch claims that 52,000 were Muslims of the 65,000 TADA detenus it insinuates for “the aftermath of riots of 1992-93”.  Which riots??  Justice Sujata Manohar, with Justice AM Ahmadi, in a March 1996 Supreme Court decision, noted 6,000 TADA detenus (  This Vigil book has a number of examples of mathematical conjuration by Nehruvian secularists.
19.  last para,
20.  It’s like money-laundering - one link leads to another leads to a third leads to a fourth, and so on, till the connection between the first link and the last is no longer apparent.  But the connection is still very much there, and now there is a recognised link between money-laundering and jihad ( ; ).  Likewise, the links between foreign-funded NGOs and domestic discord - as Russia recognizes (p.57). 
Think about the following link: ”From 1986 through 2004, the MacArthur Foundation provided 170 grants totaling more than $28 million to people and organizations in India” 
( Guess who heads this American foundation’s India office. Poonam Muttreja.  Poonam who?  AK Shiva Kumar’s wife!  Yup, the same Shiva Kumar with inside access to national data.  Must make for interesting pillow-talk between husband and wife.       
21.  It is not just that his pension is in dollars; his loyalty is to The Dollar.  The story behind “the surprise appointment of Dr.Manmohan Singh as P.V. Narasimha Rao’s finance minister in 1991” has now been revealed - it is that ”the IMF and the World Bank would nominate the finance minister of the country after consultations with the US authorities” 
( First as finance minister, now as prime minister, M Singh is quite evidently an American lackey.  So much becomes clearer now -  including the support to fell the world’s last Hindu kingdom Nepal, the appeasement of our nation’s mortal enemy but America’s preferred ally Pakistan, and our de facto prime minister’s fear that our nationalism is undemocratic (
22. , data from its website as on Aug 22, 2006
25. The head of our country’s Planning Commission is on the payroll of two US-based organizations in what is not just a clear conflict of interest 
) in the usual sense, but a clear conflict of loyalty - and to any patriot it becomes crystal clear that Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s loyalty is not to our nation.
26. It is not just that we already have IAS officers working for foreign governments and their competence is determined by their loyalty to the foreign government’s interests (pp.130, 134), but we will now require three American universities to certify the suitability of IAS officers for promotion.  The UPA government has decided that IAS officers will not be empanelled for promotion at 9, 15 and 28 years of service unless they are certified as suitable by Duke, Syracuse and Harvard universities respectively (,0008.htm).   This “outsourcing” of IAS certification has rightly been described as ”a matter of national disgrace and loss of national honour and national identity” 
(  It is undoubtedly another step to create more anti-national administrators to rule our nation .  Recall Macaulay’s notorious Minute on Indian Education, 1835: “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect” (para 34,
Then read Vicharamala .68, ”The White solution to Brown problems”,

NGOs Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry
Ed., Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak
Published by Vigil Public Opinion Forum, 2nd Ed., 2007
The online version of the book can be accessed at]

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