Australia is now a police state
by Tony Ryan on 19 Oct 2021 5 Comments

Life is grim. Young mothers walking their children get slammed to the ground, their clothes stripped over their head, the police rationale being “searched for not carrying proper papers”. People addressing police politely, asking why the police are breaking the law, get slammed to the ground with enough force to split their skulls. Anybody trying to help gets the same treatment. One 74-year-old lady was marching in peaceful protest when two cops hurled her on her back, her head hitting the tram rails; then they pepper-sprayed directly into her eyes. These cops are sociopaths.


Protestors are bashed with clubs, pepper-sprayed in the eyes, and even shot at point-blank range with rubber bullets. This is standard police behaviour in Melbourne and Sydney. One young lady, Monica Smith, for the “crime” of encouraging protest (a right protected by Australian Law), has been imprisoned for a month. Another man who quoted the law to police had his home searched regularly for “terrorist weapons”. He is completely peaceful, yet has also been arrested.


Politicians and the mainstream media describe the protestors as “violent thugs who place our health at risk”, yet all the video footage I have seen shows peaceful protestors and horrifically violent police. Witnesses known to me personally have confirmed the evidence of videos. The only violence from protestors came when some spirited individuals reacted to being bashed.


Aborigines, who are nervous about the “jab”, are bribed with $500 to submit. Few speak much English, so they do not know the content of the injection. Nor do most other people. One-third of doctors and nurses will lose their jobs because they refuse to be injected with mRNA. Another third do not want the jab but must feed their children and so give in with extreme reluctance.


It is learnt that the Northern Territory has the strictest vaccine mandate in the world, and now, the chief minister has said that those who don’t comply by November 13, will be fined $5,000/-. Sources say that he is getting rattled because his officers have told him that a huge Aboriginal resistance is brewing. However, thousands are in danger of starving if they lose their jobs.


One Chief Medical Officer threatened on national TV that the “New World Order” was coming and we must comply. Doctors have been told they will be deregistered and imprisoned if they speak out. The medical scientist who designed Ivermectin Triple Therapy, Dr. Thomas Borody (who invented the cure for peptic ulcers), is allegedly under house arrest.


Any doctor who prescribes Ivermectin or HCQ will be arrested and imprisoned. The fact is that Coronavirus has a global recovery rate of 99.97%, and the correct medical procedure is to provide all vulnerable citizens with a prophylactic prescription of one Ivermectin tablet/week, plus nutrient supplements of zinc and vitamin C.


But these are cheap and safe, so Big Pharma denigrates them; in contrast, mRNA ‘vaccines’ are worth $96 billion. They have persuaded governments to promote vaccines that are experimental and cannot be legally approved for at least 10 to 17 years. The only way these can be given to patients is as “emergency use”, which means no other drugs are available. This is not true; Ivermectin and HCQ have been well proven and safe for many decades and have cleared at least 31 clinical trials.


People diagnosed as having Covid-19, using the discredited PCR test, and who are unvaccinated, are given inappropriate ventilation treatment, along with Remdesivir, a $2500 per course drug that creates serious medical complications.


The now-recognised syndrome of Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE (basically vaccinated people’s immune system shutting down and making them vulnerable to Covid variants) is denied to exist. Instead, it is claimed that asymptomatic unvaccinated people must have caused their infection, a nonsense that is turning medical science on its head.


In Israel, where up to 90 per cent are vaccinated in urban centres, reports show that the vaccinated are getting ill. This is because the effectiveness of the jab wanes at the rate of 15% per month, requiring top-ups, which is causing ADE, a far more serious condition than Covid-19. Put simply, the jab disables the natural immune system, which then cannot cope with Covid variants - mutations stimulated by the vaccine itself.



mRNA-graphene oxide


The principal objection is to mRNA-graphene oxide, a major component of the vaccine. Graphene oxide acts like an oxygen sponge and removes oxygen from all cells. Then, polyethylene glycol depresses the immune system and protects the lipid nanoparticles of messenger RNA (mRNA) that reprograms cell genetics to produce spike proteins… The third component, hydrogel, is a fatty package enclosing genetic instructions.


Spike proteins attach to blood vessel and capillary walls and cause blood clots. They also attack the endothelial and epithelial membranes of the body. They cause myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiomylitis, and cardiomyopathy (mostly in young men), i.e., heart attacks. In women, spike proteins tend to attack the brain, causing neurogenerative disease, including Bells Palsy. Many women experience trembling and violent limb spasms and cannot eat, drink, sleep or function in any way.


It is getting increasingly difficult to smile in Australia.

(The author is an activist for Aborigine causes; the views expressed are personal)

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