What can the Imprisoned Canadian General Tell?
by Vladimir Platov on 11 May 2022 3 Comments

The arrest of Canadian general Trevor John Cadieu on May 1 by Russian troops while trying to escape from Azovstal in Mariupol can serve as a piece of official evidence that the “collective West” has unleashed a war against Russia in Ukraine. Seven months ago, he was considered a prime candidate for the position of the Canadian Army commander and had already become “famous” for a sex scandal among his fellow officers.


It is alleged that it was for the “evacuation” of the Canadian general that the Kiev authorities and the West came up with the whole idea of humanitarian corridors for civilians from Azovstal, involving French President Macron and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan, as well as the UN Secretary-General. The idea was that under the guise of “refugees” he, with a number of other senior NATO officials remaining there, could leave the Russian-controlled war zone in Donbass and avoid not only shameful captivity, but also a show trial by Moscow. It is noticeable that, according to reports circulating, General Cadieu was in charge of Azovstal’s underground bunkers, including biological laboratory No. 1, where 18 people worked with deadly viruses.


He will therefore clearly have something to tell not only to the investigators in Moscow, but also at the open trial, where, by analogy with the Nuremberg Trials, there will certainly be strong charges brought against the US and its Western cronies for unleashing war in Ukraine, strengthening and protecting Nazi criminals in that country for this purpose, creating biological weapons in US secret laboratories in Ukraine, testing them on Ukrainian citizens in violation of all rules of international law.


Although, of course, these facts are no secret to anyone today. After all, the US claims to be a “democracy” for no reason, having long ago transformed itself from a republican to an imperial power, as the US media openly point out today. Americans have already paid dearly for this, but an even heavier moral reckoning lies ahead. After all, Biden and his administration are doing what they please in Ukraine, not only blatantly boosting the wealth of their families at Ukraine’s expense, but also plundering the country, burdening it with US and international financial debts that will take decades to be paid off by the Ukrainian people. US officials are increasingly determined to cast aside international doubts about US direct involvement in the military conflict with Russia, they are expanding the supply of lethal weapons to the current Kiev authorities, and are doing so without hiding.


Two weeks after the conflict had begun, President Joe Biden assured that “a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World War III. And something we must strive to prevent.”


But he seems to have lied to everyone once again. In particular, the US President has repeatedly spoken out in favour of regime change in Russia. Now Pentagon chief Austin, no longer even trying to hide behind an emotional outburst, is bluntly stating that the administration’s aim is to “weaken” Russia. Isn’t this an actual declaration of Moscow as an enemy and the beginning of war against it? And a direct reason for Russia to retaliate?


Americans trained in combat, along with thousands of other foreigners, are taking part in hostilities in Ukraine on Kiev’s side, Politico reported. In particular, Task Force Yankee, led by American Harrison Josephowitz, is operating in Ukraine. The US is training soldiers from Ukraine in Germany to further fight Russia, German TV channel Das Erste reported. A militant resolution on the use of US forces in Ukraine has already been drafted by Republican member of the House of Representatives Adam Kinzinger.


Radio-Canada, citing documents and photos, reported in late April that Canada in Ukraine was training members of the Nazi Azov regiment (whose fighters are under criminal investigation in Russia) in military operations against Russia. However, probably “out of modesty” they did not name the role of the Canadian general Trevor Cadieu taken prisoner in such direct involvement of his country in the armed confrontation with Russia, but he will tell everything himself now…


The French Le Figaro and many other Western media outlets report on NATO’s involvement in the fighting against Russian forces in Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg publicly boasted on April 28 that the alliance countries had already provided or promised to provide a total of $8 billion in military aid to Ukraine!


Almost every day recently there have been reports of Western soldiers dying in Ukraine. For example, the newspaper Jyllands-Posten and the Danish Foreign Ministry report announcing that a 25-year-old Danish soldier who had acted for the Ukrainian forces died in Nikolayev under artillery fire from the Russian Armed Forces at the end of April. Or the mother of 22-year-old American Willie Joseph Cancel claims his death. And Americans Manus McCaffrey and Paul Gray, who were about to “shoot Russian tanks with Javelin systems” near the town of Orekhovo, recount their injuries and captivity.


After the Russian Aerospace Forces had bombed an AFU training base near Lviv in late February, a Norwegian national, Sandra Andersen Eira, a former prominent Norwegian politician and former member of the Sámi Parliament of Norway, as well as several other Norwegian female soldiers went missing from a roll call list found in the personal computer of Vitaly Kim, governor of Nikolayev Region. The role of NATO leaders in unleashing the war in Ukraine is candidly described by British mercenaries who surrendered to the Russian army in Mariupol: Sean Pinner, Andrew Hill, 27-year-old Aiden Eslin and many others.


Nor would it be an obvious revelation from the Canadian general Trevor Cadieu taken prisoner to tell us why, under pressure from Kiev, the besieged militants were forbidden to have a dialogue about surrendering at Azovstal and ordered the nationalists of the Azov battalion to immediately shoot anyone willing to lay down arms.


The secrets shrouding this industrial facility and the “skeletons in the closet” lurking in its underground shelters have already been revealed in an investigation by Palestinian journalist and writer Nabil Salem: “All this is happening against the background of reports about the existence of a special room under the mill, which houses the secret headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance with the number pit_40 for the production of biological weapons. In addition to a number of NATO officers, 240 foreign researchers of various nationalities – from the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Greece, as well as soldiers of the French Legion – are stationed there. It has emerged that this secret headquarters is run by Metabiota company of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, and his partner, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski.”


Although perhaps, given General Trevor Cadieu’s direct involvement in US biological laboratories in Ukraine, he may be able to add something to the UK-based The Exposé’s investigation into the direct criminal involvement of the US and Ukraine in the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic…


Although, given the recent information from refugees from Azovstal about the close coordination of “a certain general from the combine’s bunker personally with the Ukrainian president”, it cannot be ruled out that Trevor Cadieu could shed further light on Zelensky’s “merits”, for which Britain has already granted him its citizenship, as well as overseeing his billion dollar foreign bank account, which appeared recently.


Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. Courtesy


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