“The Western World” Was Hitler’s World, Too. Russia Is Again Warring Against It
by Eric Zuesse on 22 Jul 2022 0 Comment

Adolf Hitler was passionately a figure of “The West,” and believed not ONLY in White Supremacism as necessarily being a Euro-Atlantic supremacism over all other cultures, but he was determined to make that a specifically GERMAN global White-supremacy.


On 25 July 1945, the founder of the Cold War, Harry S. Truman, became convinced by his hero Dwight Eisenhower, that either the Soviet Union would conquer America, or else the United States would conquer the Soviet Union. In other words: Either America would take over the entire world, or else the Soviets would. This global either-or was a restoration of Hitler’s dream of global conquest (but his against ‘the Jews’), with America not Germany aiming to lead the entire world, to crush-out ‘communism’, but really all other resistant countries, via, now, coups and invasions, which have poured forth from Amerika ever since Truman came into power.


Truman despised his immediate predecessor, the impassioned anti-imperialist, FDR, and he replaced almost all of his Cabinet before the year 1945 ended, and he replaced within two years the few remaining ones. But he knew better than to reveal publicly his contempt for FDR, or to display it in any overt and clearly undeniable way during his lifetime. FDR is considered by historians to have been either America’s greatest President, or else its second-greatest, after Lincoln. President Roosevelt had a stellar Cabinet, and Truman quickly replaced all of them by installing committed U.S.-global supremacists (which NONE of FDR’s Cabinet were).


On 26 February 1950, Truman wrote a letter to the journalist Jonathan Daniels about his contempt for “the background and ability of each member of the cabinet and those who sat with the cabinet which I inherited on April 12, 1945.” The letter even said, “Maybe I shouldn’t bring the subject to your attention, but as I look back on the situation it makes me shudder. I am sure that God Almighty had me by the hand. He must have had a personal interest in the welfare of this great Republic.” Truman decided not to send the letter, because he didn’t want there to be even a chance that this information would become public. But the unsent letter expressed his actual views. He kept it private.


Hitler and Chamberlain


Whereas “God Almighty had me by the hand,” the very thought that FDR might have led post-War America “makes me shudder.” That’s how bad a President FDR was, in Truman’s view. Hitler many times likewise said that God had chosen him to lead not only his country but the entire world. On 18 December 1926, he told his followers, “The teachings of Christ have laid the foundations for the battle against Jews as the enemy of Mankind; the work that Christ began, I shall finish.”


On 26 April 1933 he told the Pope’s representative, “I am doing what the Church has done for 1,500 years. I am simply finishing the job.” Just prior to his entering politics in 1919, he wrote in his private notes, his basic conviction; it was: “The Bible — Monumental History of Mankind.” He outlined there his extremely literal interpretation of that book of ‘history’. On the basis of “The Bible — Monumental History of Mankind,” Hitler in these notes identifies the meaning of “original sin” as consisting of the “blood poisoning” of “the Aryan” or “Children of God” (pure-blooded descendants of Adam and Eve) by “the Jew” (which he interpreted as being Satan, the snake in Genesis 3) via “miscegenation,” violating “Racial purity the highest law,” and so constituting “a terrible fact” that produces “misery forever.” On this basis, Hitler asks, “Purification of the Bible — what of its spirit remains?”


What he is referring to here is the Garden of Eden; Paradise lost. That’s  something he discussed further in his 1925 Mein Kampf. Also, at the end of Chapter 2 of Mein Kampf, he said “I believe that I am acting in accord with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” A prerequisite in order to understand the 1919 momentous private notes of Hitler, is to understand the Roman Catholic concept of “original sin,” which itself has its roots in the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis, in the Bible.


At the end of his career, that fundamentalist viewpoint was basically unchanged. For example, in his Secret Conversations (Table-Talk) in the bunker, on the night of 25-26 January 1942, he implicitly reasserted that fundamentalist Biblical ‘history’ as being his source, when he condemned Darwin’s having extended his evolutionary theory to include humans: “Where do we acquire the right to believe that man has not always been as he is now?” No one has that “right,” he thought. Humans descended from Adam and Eve, not “from the monkey,” Hitler said. That Darwinian view was blasphemy, to him.


Hitler believed that he was doing the work of God, not of any real democracy, not of the public. God, “The Almighty,” was Hitler’s Master, he thought. He worshipped “The Almighty.” Hitler was specifically a Bible-believer, a Christian, against, as he saw it, Satan’s descendants, such as in John 8:44, in which Jesus allegedly told the assembled Jews, “You are the children of your father Satan, and you follow your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the start.”


Such nuggets of “History” informed the literal-minded Hitler, that Jews, as Satan’s descendants, must carry in their veins Satan’s blood, poisoned blood — “blood,” he thought, which had cursed his own life, with undiagnosable painful digestive disorders.


What Jews were for Hitler, Russians became on 25 July 1945 for Truman: his nation’s chief enemy that must become conquered if not eliminated entirely. Conquered, in order “that God Almighty” would win, in Truman’s “Manichaean” (“us-or-them”) Christian view. (It was a racist view, too, but he likewise kept that a secret during his lifetime. However, he believed in racial separation, not in ‘racial’ extermination, as Hitler did.


The ever-obedient U.S. ‘news’-media kept his racism a long-continuing secret from the wider American public, so that — for example — Truman’s being the heir to Hitler’s racist-imperialist dream would remain simply incredible for the public to believe, even down to the present day. Both Hitler and Truman remain hidden from the public and covered-over with yet-further myths, so that the public will not understand — will misunderstand — history.)


Hitler was not only a German, he was entirely a Westerner, a Euro-Atlanticist, a White-supremacist, who believed that his nation was appointed by its universal God to rule its people, who would rule over the Earth. This is the essence of today’s U.S. Government and of its NATO military alliance (“the international rules-based order” — and NOT international law from the U.N., but only America’s ‘rules’) to conquer ultimately all other nations but ESPECIALLY Russia, against whose Russian Orthodox Christianity the Vatican (the Roman Catholic Church) — and its entire Western World, which has been born from Roman Catholicism and which has largely shaped everyone in The West, even of the religions that came before it and that came after it — has long been very strongly opposed.


The West is the Holy Roman Empire, of today. Hitler had wanted to have started the Fourth Reich, the fourth version of the Holy Roman Empire, the “First Reich”. (The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Empire. The Third Reich was Hitler’s restoration of Germany’s version of the Holy Roman Empire. The Fourth Reich would be now, if Hitler had won WW II and eliminated all of “Satan’s people,” so as to begin his “Thousand-Year Reich,” which was inspired by his reading of Revelation 20:1-7.)


Russia had wanted the U.N. to become what FDR had planned for it to be. But after The West, on January 7th, contemptuously rejected the proposals that Russia had set forth on 17 December 2021 for The West to finally start complying with the promises it had made to the U.S.S.R. on the basis of which the U.S.S.R. had ended its side of the Cold War, Russia had no choice but to accept the U.S.-created disunited world, and abandon FDR’s dream of a United Nations which would be supreme over all matters of international law.


America, not Russia, ditched the U.N. and broke the world in two: for, versus against, U.S. global hegemony. In fact: starting on 24 February 1990, the U.S. President informed America’s vassal-nations that the Cold War would secretly continue on its side until Russia itself becomes conquered. On the 32nd anniversary of that event, Russia responded to The West’s January 7th rejection, by starting its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, to prevent Ukraine from ever becoming a NATO base to post America’s missiles on Ukraine’s border a mere five-minute flying time away from nuking Moscow.


The U.S. regime issued yet more sanctions, which caused The West to be economically walled-off from Russia, China, and the rest of Asia, and the rest of much of the world, such as the “BRICS” nations. For the U.S. regime and its vassal-nations, this is Hitler’s posthumous last stand, or else it will be the last stand of the emerging Russia-China alliance.


We are now into a new “D”-day, a period whose victor and loser are yet to be determined, the beginning of World War III, but this is only its pre-nuclear start, and the hope is that on its first battlefield, which is Ukraine, Amerika will lose, so that Russia won’t need to go nuclear against the U.S. and its vassal-nations, because Russia will NEVER become any other nation’s vassal, and wants to be able to remain free without having to destroy everything in order to achieve that, Russia’s supreme objective.


Most Russians think that they are conservatives, but, in international relations, they hold FDR’s views, which were not only the most progressive in his own time, but are still the most progressive in ours. His domestic-policy views were also the most progressive. But after his death, America (because of Truman) became more conservative — today’s Amerika, especially in international relations — than it has ever been, and farther away from what had been the intentions of the majority of America’s Founders (the most progressive group that ever existed up to its time), and from the Constitution that they collectively wrote, than it has ever been.


America is now a profoundly conservative country, an imperialistic aristocracy, instead of any democracy at all. Truman was the turning-point. He continued and restored Hitler’s legacy. WW II is being re-fought, and, this time, Amerika leads the global-imperialist side, the nazi side. The facts here have been hidden by the media and scholars that are funded by U.S.-and-allied billionaires and their agents, who have presented a very different, contrary, and fake, ‘reality’.




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