How the US is breaking up the EU
by Valery Kulikov on 17 Sep 2022 0 Comment

Today the United States, because of the growing global criticism of White House policies, is desperately seeking to maintain its leadership through destructive actions against not only its adversaries, but also allies in all directions. This is evidenced both by the numerous armed conflicts and aggressions around the world instigated by the United States and by the sanctions imposed on states that do not wish to become silent puppets of Washington, in violation of generally accepted norms and without the approval of international organizations. The position of other countries, including US allies, on the political, economic and military dictate is of no interest to Washington at all, nor are their losses from the same White House-initiated sanctions.


This destructive policy has been particularly rigorous in recent years, since Washington has long disliked what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic. Although the declared American foreign policy strategy officially names only Russia and China as adversaries, the real one certainly implies that the EU is included in this list as well. The development of integration ideas in a united Europe contradicts the key principle of Washington’s policy – “divide and conquer.”


As it avoids openly undermining the European Union, Washington has been doing its utmost in recent years to not only stealthily govern it, but also to contribute to its disintegration. It is doing everything possible not only to avoid losing Europe, but also to eliminate the EU as a potential rival in the dispute over geopolitical influence.


In this regard, the placement of Washington-trained personnel such as Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell in leading positions in the EU states and in its governing bodies has become an important tool in subjugating the EU. The above politicians have long been guided in their actions only by instructions from the United States, with complete disregard for the interests of the whole Europe and their native countries in particular.


In order to undermine European unity and start disintegration processes through its proxy in Europe, the UK, Brexit was initiated. It would suffice to recall statements in 2019 by US President Donald Trump, who then promised London a “favourable trade agreement” to be concluded once Britain leaves the EU as a way of showing Britons and other Europeans that there are no future repercussions for leaving the EU.


If such “enticing statements” were made officially, one can only guess at the content of the secret instructions given to London from the White House on this matter… Ultimately, the US got its way, Brexit happened, and separatist sentiments began to gain popularity in a number of EU countries as a way out of the economic, financial and energy crisis that has engulfed Europe.


To weaken the economic competitiveness of a united Europe, Washington has devised a multi-pronged operation to weaken European energy security. To this end, Russophobic sentiment in Ukraine has been used to push Moscow to carry out a special operation to denazify the country. And then, using an anti-Russian disinformation campaign about Moscow’s alleged “infringement” of Ukraine’s democratic processes, a mood of total criticism of Russia, including in the energy sphere, began to build up in Europe. Ultimately, Washington succeeded in convincing a significant number of EU countries to tighten sanctions against Russia, limiting Russian energy supplies to the European market, without which the EU would collapse economically and energy-wise, despite all this going blatantly against Europe’s own interests.


The result was galloping inflation in Europe and the closure and bankruptcy of many European companies, especially those oriented towards the Russian market.


At the same time, the United States through its proxies, in particular Josep Borrell and Ursula von der Leyen, has drawn Europe into financial and military support for the Kiev regime, including by cutting aid in these areas to EU member states themselves. First it was the multi-million wave of Ukrainian migration, triggered by the escalation of the armed conflict between Kiev and Moscow, which caused very serious damage to the financial, social and economic situation in the EU.


Then came the European rivalry with Washington to fulfil its whim of flooding Ukraine with European arms and the subsequent growth of military orders to satisfy the interests of the US military and industrial complex. This has led to a significant loss of EU defence capabilities, which Josep Borrell was even forced to admit recently when he said that EU countries are running out of weapons stocks after sending military aid to Ukraine.


The economic and energy crisis in Europe, exacerbated by the US, is steadily increasing the protest movement in the EU countries, destabilizing the political and social situation there and thus further reducing its competitiveness with the US, which is precisely what Washington wanted.


In order to further damage Europe, Washington, with the help of Poland, always looking into its mouth, ready to throw itself on Russian bayonets in its anti-Russian phobia even for small American handouts, began to heat up the financial and territorial claims between the EU member states, thus deepening the division in the union. As a result, following demands for reparations from Germany for the consequences of World War II, the Polish government will soon be filing claims against the Czech Republic, as the influential Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita has already stated. In particular, this is about the “disadvantageous,” from Warsaw’s point of view, division of the Polish-Czechoslovakian border in the 1950s: apparently, the Czech Republic owes Poland over 368 hectares of territory!


And this is clearly not the limit of Washington’s treacherous plans to break up the European Union and win the competition with the Old World for world domination. Ultimately, the tool of biological warfare, as exemplified by the coronavirus pandemic, has already been tried by the United States and it has not only brought massive misery to Europe, significant financial and human losses, and then enriched the same US pharmaceutical companies. And the consequences of the energy crisis unleashed by Washington have turned Europe away for years from tackling climate change, which will continue to ravage the EU and its economy with new fires, rainstorms and floods…


But one would like to believe that Europe, drugged by the various tricks and provocations of Washington, will eventually wake up and start pursuing policies in the interests of its own countries, not the USA, and reconsider its relations with Russia and China for the benefit of the people of Europe.


Valery Kulikov, political expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. Courtesy 

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