Why is Soros leaving Tajikistan?
by Vladimir Platov on 06 Dec 2022 0 Comment

As per the statement posted on the website of the Open Society Foundation (“Open Society” or Soros Foundation – which was declared an undesirable organization in Russia back in 2015), the so-called “charity” of American billionaire George Soros, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $6.7 billion, has decided to close its branch – the “Assistance Fund” – in Tajikistan. The alleged reason for this decision being “a restructuring launched in 2021 aimed at setting new priorities and restructuring the more than 20 semi-autonomous national foundations around the world with a new regional approach.”


Recall that the Soros Foundation has been repeatedly accused of funding anti-government protests in many countries. Soros began providing money “for charitable purposes” as early as 1979, but in reality, he focused on fighting communism in Eastern Europe. In Hungary, where he was born, Soros established a foundation in 1984 that began actively disseminating information against the pro-Soviet socialist regime. In the process, he extended the scope of the foundation not only to the countries of CIS, but also to states in other regions of the world that had embarked on the path of cooperation with Russia.


And in this regard, the fate of the Soros Foundation in Turkey, where it has existed since 2008, is very significant. In November 2018, however, it was forced to suspend its activities there after Turkish leader Erdogan had accused the American philanthropist of trying to “sow discord” between individual states. Allegations circulated in Turkish media that the foundation was behind the protests that took place in Taksim Square in central Istanbul in May 2013 and then spread to other cities in Turkey.


Erdogan also expressed confidence that Soros was supporting the Turkish opposition, particularly Osman Kavala, a major Turkish businessman and chairman of the Istanbul-based nonprofit Anadolu Kültür, who was jailed for more than a year for funding individuals believed to be behind the failed coup attempt in July 2016.


In the same year 2018, the Soros Foundation had to stop its work not only in Turkey, but also in Budapest, as Hungarian authorities accused it of endangering national security because it helped migrants legalize in the European Union with financial support from George Soros.


But not only Russia, Hungary and Turkey have taken a course to expel the structures of American “philanthropist” George Soros from their territory. The Czech Republic, Belarus, and Uzbekistan also accused him of interfering in their internal affairs. At the same time, he was found guilty of destroying national identity in Poland and fomenting ethnic conflict in Macedonia.


After Soros had funded his foundation’s globally dispersed branches to the tune of $18 billion, Austrian authorities proclaimed the billionaire’s desire for “global control and worldwide political influence.” The world received confirmation of Soros’ aspiration for global hegemony through the distribution of fabulous funds to his branches for colour revolutions and other subversive operations after the leak of a large number of documents from the Open Society Foundation in 2016. Soros himself openly stated in an interview with CNN that his foundation’s branch in Kyiv had played an important role in the development of the “revolutionary events” on the Maidan in 2014, and not only there…


As Soros has repeatedly admitted in his speeches, he is committed to replacing supposedly autocratic societies with “open societies” – ones that will be closely related to the Western World. Soros has poured close to $2 billion into such “programs” in the countries of Eastern Europe and the territory of the former Soviet Union for almost three decades, a fact that representatives of his structures do not hide in their statements.


Soros, as a symbol of the anti-Hungarian conspiracy, was repeatedly accused by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He referred to his interference in the internal affairs of Hungary and the European Union, his control of the media and his active work to undermine the religious identity of other peoples. One of the leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, Alexander Gauland, British EU-skeptic politician Nigel Farage and many other European politicians agree with him.


The “interests” of Soros’ foundation branches are widely spread geographically, from Central and Eastern Europe to the countries of the former Soviet Union, South Africa, Guatemala, and Haiti. His entities are particularly active in financing “democracy building,” media that oppose authorities, and numerous non-governmental organizations. In reality, however, all these “activities” are limited to observations and the production of various analyzes, such as the “Free Speech Rating” or the “Democracy Index.”


And as for Tajikistan, numerous Western NGOs, particularly from the US, are in operation, covering virtually every sphere of the nation’s public and political life. And many of them were sponsored until recently by the Soros Foundation or the international non-governmental fund Internews, whose activities are financed by the US Agency for International Development, USAID. The Soros Foundation’s activities were primarily aimed at funding “independent” media outlets whose editorial policies are aimed at discrediting the current leadership in the republic as well as its relations with Russia and participation in political, economic and military blocs together with Moscow.


In addition, funding projects to promote Western values in the republic was given high priority, as was financial support for social and political movements in Tajikistan that publicly criticize the current government. Another goal was to organize educational programs for Tajik youth, college students, and journalists in which participants were taught “media criticism” and information manipulation techniques under the guise of combating disinformation, as well as promoting so-called “civil activists” and human rights defenders who work to undermine public confidence in incumbent authorities and their policies, both within the country and in international relations.


However, the Soros Foundation’s activities, which were openly directed against the Tajik government with its policy of developing and strengthening relations with Russia, met with strong resistance from both the Tajik public and the Tajik authorities. This was one of the reasons for the Fund’s withdrawal from Tajikistan.


However, it is unlikely that with the end of the Foundation’s presence in the country, such subversive activities against Russia and the existing authorities in the country will be abandoned. They will, of course, continue by the USAID-controlled Internews Foundation and many other US and Western NGOs.


But there is another reason for the Soros Foundation’s departure, listed on its official website as “reprioritization of activities”. It is the shift of active operations to other states in the Central Asian region. In Kyrgyzstan, in particular, this is confirmed to some extent by a report prepared in June by representatives of Soros Kyrgyzstan on the moods in civil society in the country and the clear intention to carry out a “colour revolution” there.


Another reason is the 92-year-old Soros’ intention to bring about a change in leadership in China. As an “informal mouthpiece” of the Democratic Party of the United States, Soros has recently been actively involved in the White House’s anti-China activities. In a speech at Stanford College in January of this year, he publicly committed to a transition of power in China, claiming that there is significant opposition that would prevent the Chinese leader from seeking a third term.


However, the results of the 20th Congress of the CCP have completely overturned these plans of Soros, as well as his attempts to “change the ruling regime” in Tajikistan and in many other countries where the activities of this long-time “washed up” billionaire have shown the failure of Washington and the American special services in achieving world domination through their dirty operations.


Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy


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