Russia & VT exposes US bio weapons in Georgia-Ukraine
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Jeffrey Silverman, Georgian Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, has been interviewed by several Russian TV channels concerning his work over the years in exposing US bio weapons programmes in Georgia and countries of the former Soviet Union, with special emphasis on Ukraine, and on the latest breaking news, that the US and Ukraine are in fact working on developing bio weapons.


What has been alleged for years is finally being proven. There are bio weapons labs in Ukraine and Georgia too as well as many other former Soviet States, and an international network of such labs. They are all funded under the guise of bio threat reduction, public and animal health and dealing with especially dangerous pathogens, and this has been confirmed by the Russian government, citing hard-evidence.


The essence of the Silverman’s interviews can be summed up by his answer to this question “why are they funding such labs?” It is: “Do you know any weapons that sooner or later do not end up being used, even if accidentally?”


“I want to say one thing, and with a smirk, to all those who have been attacking me (mostly) in the US-funded Georgian media, ‘I hate to tell you so, but I told you so.”


Taken together, with what is going on with funding and the shell game of labs and funding sources, it very clearly illustrates the US involvement in Georgia and other biological hotspots are more military-geopolitical than scientific in purpose!”


Silverman explains how the US lacks enough combat soldiers, actual boots on the ground, and therefore cannot win conventional wars – look at Afghanistan, for instance. The US Department of Defense and its NATO henchmen rely too much on shady defense contractors, outsourcing much of what a military should do itself, and chooses to think high technology and biology can pick up the slack.


Bio weapons provide an insidious alternative, as they can inflict much suffering, and it is not even necessary to use them to kill the population en masse, simply to overload the medical system and bring the economy of your enemy to a standstill.


We should get used to being lied to about bio agents, especially dangerous pathogens, and let’s not forget why the Spanish flu is called that rather than the Kansas flu. The German, British, French and American media were all censoring reports about it 100 years ago, only Spain had a free media at the time. It reported the actual truth, and has paid the nomenclatural price ever since.


Silverman is now afraid to return to the US due to threats by agents of BIG Brother at American airports, being told “to change his profession” or expect more of the same treatment. This was not one incident, there has been a pattern of repeated threats, searches, and physical attacks in Georgia. He now lives in an isolated village in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where some claim even local police were once afraid to venture.


In one of his most recent interview, yet to be aired, he shared how French intelligence had first contracted him to investigate the Lugar lab. They had already had a bad experience with the Americans, who had taken over the research agenda of the joint lab in China via the National Institute of Health and the proxy Eco Health Alliance, grabbing the very lab the French had designed and funded.


We all know the rest of the story – the emergence of COVID, recriminations, and why this bio weapons story is so threatening to the powers to be, and not only in the United States. It is not necessary here to rehash who Peter Daszak is, and how he led a WHO group in Wuhan, and also a second group (Lancet), set up to investigate the origin of COVID19. But he has very close ties with Wuhan and Communist China through previous work, and the National Institute of Health. This adds up to more than a few conflicts of interest, and many of these include military labs, which according to Victoria Nuland include bio research facilities in Ukraine.


It may be too late for Biden to take action over this, as he is just as clueless as most people; however, it is not any particular administration that needs to be tossed, but the system that stands behind this, even if that means a tribunal and some public hangings, as was the case with Nazi doctors and nurses.


Running for cover


In spite of all the rhetoric about why Putin actually went in to Ukraine – over the rights of ethnic Russians in Donbass and the East of the country, NATO expansion, de-nazification – bio weapons, in Silverman’s educated opinion, are the main target, as Putin knows that when the West becomes desperate over its failed efforts at expansion by meddling in the affairs of other countries, it will use weapons of last resort, and without hesitation.


Silverman should know how the system works, as he served part of his military service at a chemical weapons storage facility in his home State of Kentucky, Richmond Ky. That is why American spin doctors and highly placed persons are now trying to put damage control in place.  US spy chief Avril Haines recently told senators, “We do not assess that Ukraine is pursuing either biological weapons or nuclear weapons”.


Haines tries to dismiss claims by Russian officials that Ukraine is pursuing or using biological, chemical or nuclear weapons as a “classic” move to spin “false flag” narratives for dangerous moves that may be taken by President Vladimir Putin. He maintains that Ukraine, like many countries, does have bio research labs, but these are to defend against pandemics or attacks, and are different from bioweapons labs.


However, the more US officials deny the obvious the more they confirm in any reasonable person’s mind the reality. It is laughable to read the official statements, trying to shift the blame. The US is claiming that Russia is making up false pretexts in an attempt to justify its own horrific actions in Ukraine. However, bio weapons are not the ostensible reason for these actions!


The US also maintains it does not own or operate any chemical or biological laboratories in Ukraine. It may not officially develop or possess such weapons, but that does not stop it from using proxies to do its dirty work, and then claiming it was not aware of what was going on in these US-funded labs.


Pot Calling Kettle Black


Like always, it is the pot calling the kettle black, and the US claims that “it is Russia that has active chemical and biological weapons programmes and is in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention”. However the US is merely threatening other countries to do it for them, drawing a distinction between “good” and “bad” labs which does not relate to the work they do.


It is as if, in the ranks of the spin doctors, politicians and official spokespersons of the DOD and State Department, Russia has a track record of accusing the West of the very crimes Russia itself is perpetrating. But the plans and petri dishes that can be found in the labs in Ukraine and Georgia are just as revealing as a pile of White Bunny Rabbits next to a US-funded bio weapons lab flying the Stars and Stripes. Will we find a pile of Ukrainians near one of these labs?


Many of the questions in Silverman’s recent interview do themselves reflect what may be the actual agenda – and these are not just provided by your run of the mill journalist, but reflect a growing Russian concern that fatigue over the never-ending rhetoric by DOD and US State Department officials, backstopped by the EU, NATO and the mainstream media will prevent any discussion of this issue.


We are all sick of hearing that the work of the “good” US-funded labs is purely for civilian purposes, and these bio facilities should not be considered as a threat. Naturally the above-mentioned spin doctors, including Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, who wanted to dismiss Russian findings as “preposterous, as the kind of disinformation operation that we have seen repeatedly from the Russians over the years”.


Psaki claimed that Russia has made these false claims and China has seemingly endorsed this propaganda, and we should be warned that Russia may use chemical or bio weapons as part of a possible false flag in Ukraine. The problem is that until recently most news on the topic of bio weapons has been censored, and youtube channels are often shut down for reporting the truth – links cannot be shared on social media, not only about bio weapons but COVID vaccines.


Bio weapons are going to be an even hotter topic now the West is trying to show that Russia needs to build an image and find an excuse for the war. BBC news has predicted that Russia may use bioweapons against civilians hiding in the metro. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea, however, that does not stop the US trying to spin the incriminating truth which sticks to it.


Silverman knows first-hand the methods that his own government are willing to use, and begs the question, “Will I now be a hero or “enemy of the people”, ???? ??????, an old Soviet expression for those who were truth tellers, and innocent?”


In fact, with the rare exception of the programme in the Republic of Georgia which he exposed, eight years ago, and other programmes have managed to function year-after-year without question. The US is losing the conventional power game, but still doesn’t want to nuke everyone, merely to threaten to by putting ever more missiles in ever more bases. The US needs biological warfare to do what it can’t do in any other way. It can destabilise its enemies, and keep its allies under control, in the biological sphere when it can’t project other types of force, and it can do this through proxies.


Silverman knows only too well what the US government thinks of him, and he still suffers from all they have done to him, has the scars prove it, and how it tries to destroy his ability to work and earn a normal living. The US State Department went as far as to revoke his US passport for 14 years. He lived as a stateless person in Georgia until Trump was elected US president.


It was Jeffrey Silverman who was the first to reveal publicly information on the US-funded Lugar Lab more than ten years ago. He discovered this on his own, during discussions with contractors to Bechtel International, who were often in an inebriated state, over problems with the design and construction of the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi and it was potentially a public health threat.


He already knew from academic contacts, some of whom were working in the Georgian government, that the lab had been imposed on Georgia by the US Navy under the guise of a bio threat reduction programme. When discussions about this first opened with representatives of the Shevardnadze government, the Ministry of Economy said that it would write up a concept paper and tentative contract, but Navy representatives opened their briefcases and provided prepared contracts, and said that was not necessary to read, just sign – and no need to go into the details.


Saakashvili then inherited this project, which was running behind schedule, but he was likely not much aware of its actual ramifications. Those close to him did not want him to be aware, as the project was under the control of persons handpicked by US intelligence – such as Anna Zhvania, head of Georgian intelligence at the time.


Silverman has also relayed information about the South African bioweapons programme, and targeted weapons which affect only specific DNA groups. There are, he says, ties between white South Africans, Georgia and the Lugar Lab.


Once an official investigation into the findings in Ukraine is opened by an international body, it may include a murder investigation of Silverman’s main source at the Lugar Lab, who was responsible for security, who had a car accident on a rural road in Lagodkehi, Georgia, not far from where Silverman himself is now retired.


Silverman has a military and chemical and bio weapons background himself, and has been trained by the US in the very things the US deny exist.  It helps that Silverman has both BS and MS, degrees, as he is good at reading academic and science literature and working in due diligence.


History defecates itself


Silverman states that, as reported by the online journal Veterans Today, the Japanese programme Unit 731, which took place in occupied China, was the basis for the Pentagon’s current biological research programme. It used laboratories located in remote areas, where governmental control is weak, in which planned “leaks,” in reality limited scale tests of pathogens, can be “contained,” if not medically, through concerted disinformation and subterfuge.


The recent revelations by the Russian Ministry of Defence are a game changer in Ukraine, as the United States and its agencies lose any semblance of veracity with statements such as, “On a daily basis, Russia propagates disinformation aimed at BTRP’s (the US Bio Threat Reduction Program) laboratory and capacity building efforts in former Soviet Union countries”.


The truth is finally being revealed, and soon we will know the price those who have been concealing it must be willing to pay, and the extent to which there will be an international investigation to bring the US and its partner countries in line with the 1972 Bio Weapons Convention—including providing a mechanism for enforcement and to STOP the US from continuing such “end-of-the-world” kind research via proxies, under the guise of animal and public health, and Homeland Security.


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. Courtesy 

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