NATO member names true sponsors of the Ukrainian conflict
by Vladimir Danilov on 26 May 2023 0 Comment

On the 78th anniversary of the liberation from fascism in World War II, the world’s attention is increasingly focused on the causes and developments of the Ukrainian conflict. Even today, it is no secret in the United States and its Western allies that the main reason for the conflict in Ukraine is the recognition by the Western political elite that the defeat of a Nazi regime in Ukraine, raised by Washington, means the end of the unipolar world. That is why NATO countries, led by the United States, are doing everything possible to prolong the military conflict, to inflict maximum damage on Russia and, ultimately, its defeat.


Following American financial attempts to support Hitler’s Germany in order to reshape the world in their favour in the 1930s, the West has thrown another global challenge into the military-political conflict with Russia in Ukraine, including as a prelude to seizing Russia’s resources and undermining its integrity and existence as a sovereign world power.


As a result of its efforts during the Ukrainian conflict, the United States has gained control of the European gas market, attempting to become not only the administrator of the global supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG), but also of the global oil market. The US gas industry alone is worth up to $200 billion per year as the outcome of such efforts. Such “dividends” have been used to finance American financial and military “gifts” to Ukraine for a military conflict with Moscow.


Simultaneously, the US has strengthened its position in the global grain market, aiming to become a distributor of it in the vital general food chains of Russia and Ukraine, allowing it to dictate to the world not only its political and military will, but also greatly influence global food security.


By doing this, Washington has strengthened NATO, a failed institution whose members were unsure of its purpose until 2022. According to the alliance’s regulations, maintaining this force and arming NATO requires 2% of GDP. Only Poland, Turkey and Greece in Europe spent so much, the rest spent much less. Washington has now dictated that all of Europe increase their military spending to a minimum of 2% of GDP, eventually reaching 3%. In addition, NATO is actively expanding not only with Finland joining, but also Sweden, given the fact that only Sweden is left in Europe with a good industrial potential and even the military-industrial complex.


Amid the Ukrainian crises, the US has also strengthened its position as the world’s leading arms manufacturer by pressuring “overburdened Europe” to transfer a sizable portion of its military potential to Ukraine and, in turn, pressuring the EU to replace its weapons with US ones.


After halting the Europeans, who were negotiating with China more regularly, Washington completely separated Germany from Russia, destroying a potential alliance between the two countries, which would have been highly profitable for Berlin, for the third time in the previous century. Of course, the Germans will be responsible for paying for all of it once again, which is becoming historical nonsense. Even if the Germans are not currently involved in these processes, Russia and particularly Germany pay for any wars in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.


Germans are losing a significant portion of the market share in car sales, as well as other markets, feeding millions of Ukrainian refugees, losing contracts with Russia on low-cost energy supplies, and wearing an “American stranglehold” around their necks.  Thus, the main European economic and political loser, strangely enough, has become Germany, not Russia.


Tanks, high-precision multiple-launch rocket systems, artillery systems, and air defense equipment are just a few of the weapons and military gear that NATO countries continue to provide to Ukraine, led by the US. It is intended to provide cutting-edge Western-made fighter jets and ground attack aircrafts in the months to come. To comply with Washington’s “wish-list”, thousands of Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) soldiers are receiving training to operate and use modern weaponry on the soil of Great Britain, Poland, Germany, and other NATO nations.


In order to directly participate in combat operations against Russian troops, they are recruiting mercenary volunteers and contracting private Western and other military corporations, who are reportedly suffering huge losses even according to the meagre accounts of the Western media. The full and real-time reconnaissance and targeting data from the Western aerospace system is made available to the command posts and units of the AUF, thus demonstrating the direct involvement of the United States and NATO nations in the fight in Ukraine. This is confirmed by numerous evidences about the deaths of Western mercenaries on Ukrainian soil in the name of US and NATO hegemonic ambitions in the military and political confrontation with Russia.


In these circumstances, Turkish Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin stated on Habertürk TV that the West is opposed to ending the Ukrainian conflict and is making it difficult to find ways to resolve it. “The current state of world affairs is more favourable to conflict than peace.” Kalin stressed that the leading forces of the West are supporters of its continuation.


Previously, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the West for the prolonged crisis in Ukraine: “We observe not even attempts, but a persistent line of the West, led by the United States, to never end it all. They did this precisely at the point in time when it was still politically conceivable to finish the negotiations at the end of March 2022. They expelled the Kiev regime from the talks by refusing to engage in negotiations. But Kiev was not allowed.” Since then, no one has even attempted to persuade the Kiev regime to negotiate. No one objected when Zelensky banned negotiations with the Russian Federation by his decree.


It is also clear that the neo-Nazi Kiev regime, fostered by Washington, is receiving more and more support from Israel and its citizens. This is particularly true given that the Jewish diaspora suffered greatly under the Nazi Germany regime, whose adherents the current Kiev regime is glorifying with Washington’s backing in the form of Nazi criminals Bandera and Shukhevich.


The expansion and persistence of the Ukrainian issue in the West only benefit the United States. By pursuing its aggressive policy, America has been the ultimate winner of every war since the 20th century. The United States made money off of the suffering of others in World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the Ukrainian conflict.


In these circumstances, Moscow is demonstrating audaciously to the world that, as in World War II, it is capable of defeating both the resurgent neo-Nazism and the entire Western bloc, which has been seeking for decades to subjugate Russia. The Russians defied Western sanctions, defended Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, the centre of the Russian world, and showed the rest of the world that one can be a warrior in battle and that one can build a multipolar world with allies, which is sorely needed in the modern era.


Vladimir Danilov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy 

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