Tel Aviv Colour Revolution
by Israel Shamir on 31 May 2023 0 Comment

For the last few months, a colour revolution has been brewing in Israel. Tens of thousands of citizens demonstrated each Saturday night, predominantly in Tel Aviv, but elsewhere too. The demos caused traffic jams, and negatively impacted daily life throughout the country. At its maximum, over 250,000 persons demonstrated at once in Tel Aviv. At that point PM Bibi Netanyahu paused all legal reforms until after the holidays. It helped a bit: the demos slimmed in size and intensity. Friction with Palestinians gave the protesters something else to think about. Still, it was a strong movement, similar to such movements in other countries, as the Kiev Maidan, the NY Occupy, the Beirut Gucci Revolution, Arab Spring, Velvet Rising, Orange Revolution, Dignity Revolution etc. et al.


Now we have learned something about the forces behind the colour revolution, from the NYT. The engine and coordination were supplied by the Mossad and Shin Beth, the external and internal intelligence services of the Jewish State, as discovered by US intelligence and leaked to the NYT. It was not a complete surprise; Israeli media duly informed its consumers that Mossad staff was permitted to participate in the demos; and its retired bosses were paraded by the rebels as their leaders. Their more profound participation was discovered by their American brethren. The rebels’ love of America was made quite obvious by their demos in front of the US embassy. The national blue-and-white banners flew over the crowds stressing their patriotism, together with plentiful stars-and-stripes.


Beside Mossad, banks from around the world actively supported the revolt. Private banks, the Bank of Israel, globalist financial structures – they were all for the revolt. Not to mention the usual generals, army, and high-ranking officers. And the nasty Schwab, represented by Yuval Noah Harari, was also with them. What is funny, the government continues to characterize the opposition as “the leftists”. Sure, global bankers, the Davos crowd and military spies are the new communists!


The Feminists and the ubiquitous Soros minions are mere ‘window dressing’ to the movement. Larger players include the US administration, which is aiding Israeli protesters against the coalition’s judicial reform plan according to Justice Minister Yariv Levin. Washington “is working in cooperation with them on this, as you can see from the things said by the people in the government there,” Levin told Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) political operatives, in a video first published by Walla on Monday.


Mr Levin stated that the new government has absolutely no tools – all the banks, all the courts, the entire top of the army belongs to the opposition (rather, the Deep State). The truth is, legal reform is needed in order to level the field. Trump also found himself in such a state, but he had no plan how to fight it.  President Trump had the Constitutional tools to put up a fight, but no actual machinery to work the tools. Netanyahu currently has neither.


Israel is a good place to visit just to learn that Jews are not as smart as they think they are. To consider bankers and the US State Dept “leftists” you have to be really silly. Thomas Friedman, the reliable voice of Establishment, often speaks about men he hates. These are now Putin, Trump and Netanyahu. Here is an example of his philippics:

To be compared to Putin and Trump is as bad as to be compared to Hitler. And Netanyahu is now in this company.


This is really unexpected: once upon a time Bibi was a favourite child of American politicians, and he was met with multiple ovations by the US Congress. But he is too much of a man; and America prefers to be managed, itself and its allies, by somebody softer. A woman, or an immigrant, like in the UK. Somebody who will take orders.


The casus belli for the colour revolution was judicial reform, in other words, nothing of importance. Israel is blessed by a strange system, judges are elected by judges. Outside interference is not tolerated by these judges. Furthermore, judicial reform has never been a hot topic. Nobody cares about it, nobody understands the current machinery or the proposed changes to it. It was obviously just an excuse to send people scurrying about, demonstrating and shouting. The most ridiculous part is the Israeli ‘democracy’ which they claim to be afraid of losing: a ‘democracy’ where half the population has no right to vote! But today they swear by it and are ready to destroy everything to defend ‘the democracy’.


These democracy lovers do not even consider Palestinians as human beings. Even Oriental Jews and the Orthodox Jews are not good enough for them. And that was their undoing. There are only a few ways to cobble together a majority in the parliament, and they all require wooing the Orthodox and Oriental Jews. Gaining support with the Palestinians is also important. But Ashkenazi Jews do not gladly share power. If they can’t win the elections by themselves, they pull out the colour revolution. But they have underestimated Bibi Netanyahu.


Netanyahu is a very experienced politician. He deftly minimised the danger by denying the reports, and then organised a demo of his own supporters right after Passover. It drew 200,000 participants, almost matching the largest of the opposition’s demos. After that he dug into his usual playbook. Bibi knows that Jews love wars, especially safe wars. He employs for such a purpose a far-right politician, Itamar Ben Gvir. He is a rather pleasant-looking, relatively young man, one of those Temple Mount dreamers.


He walked right up the Temple Mount during Ramadan (the Muslim holy month), immediately triggering the ire of Palestinian worshippers; hundreds of them were beaten and arrested inside the al Aqsa mosque. As expected, the orchestrated violence provoked a quick response from a small group of militants called the Islamic Jihad. These Jihad people, according to the official Israeli version, fired “a thousand missiles” into Israel.


I do not believe this number: it does not stand to logic that a thousand missiles were fired and nobody was hurt. (One 80-years old lady died, but at that age it can happen anyhow.) A person responsible for anti-missile defence claimed that the system counts the harmless self-destruction of a missile as a “successful hit”. Or alternatively it could be just a fantasy number. In any case, Israel responded in the usual way, attacking Gaza strip with US-supplied ammunition and killing 35 persons, including children.


8-year-old Laian was killed at her home in Gaza. This blood sacrifice immediately pacified the rebellious Israelis who had been supporting the colour revolution. Suddenly they did not want to fight for ‘democracy’ anymore, they did not care about the choice of judges. They were tricked into lusting after Palestinian blood, and once they got it they were satiated. And it all happened like clockwork according to Mr Netanyahu’s plan. He uses the same tricks time after time. A war in Gaza is always successful, because Gaza has no weapons to defend itself. It is as safe as shooting fish in a barrel.


Yet Netanyahu is not too bloodthirsty, not for an Israeli. He never leads his country into a really dangerous war. He sticks to bombing Syria and Gaza; Gaza is defenceless and Syria is (partly) US–occupied. He kills Palestinians on the West Bank: his gangs of killers in Arab dress, the so-called mustaarvim roam Nablus and Jenin assassinating potential freedom fighters. Now he promises the Islamic Jihad that these assassinations will cease; but his promises aren’t worth much.


Netanyahu is a man who follows his own lights. Defying US trends he is growing close to Putin, for good reasons of his own. Russia has an air force base in Syria, and those Russian forces could block Netanyahu’s politically expedient Israeli violence against Syria and Palestine. He is also standing up against increasing American pressure. The NY Times proposed that Bibi should attack the Russian base and kick the Russians out of Syria altogether.


Bibi does not want to enter this dangerous game, nor does he feel he has to support Ukraine, as the Ukrainians were the most God-awful Jew-killers in the WWII, actually worse than Germans. They killed thousands of Jews in Kiev and elsewhere. They manned all the concentration camps, and were the most vicious guards. Only Lithuanians were worse for the Jews, but there are not too many of them.


Bibi’s father was a historian, so he learned that much from home. The pious Jews also have this memory. But the opposition takes their orders from US Jews, for whom this history is somewhat moot. They prefer to blame Germans for the Holocaust and have a fanatical hatred of Russia.


Once Netanyahu gave some Israeli hardware to the Ukraine, something he refused before the demonstrations, the colour revolution threat abated. The rebels stopped attacking judges and ramped up attacks on religious Jews. This suits Bibi: the pious Jews are his allies. Still it is too early to expect that the colour revolution is over. It faded, but it can be reignited at a moment’s notice.


Both sides in the Israeli inner conflict are quite awful; nobody is going to give any justice to the Palestinians. But if one has to choose, Netanyahu with his far-right allies is better. He is also more experienced. Probably I’d bet on him, bearing in mind that it’s very difficult to win against the Deep State, and the Deep State is definitely against him.


Courtesy Israel Shamir 

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