Ukrainians mistrust the West. The murderous fraud of the “Counteroffensive”
by Rodney Atkinson on 26 Aug 2023 0 Comment

Evacuation becomes mobilisation. Azov is back and Nazi Ukrainians relax.


Even the fanatical neocon warmonger, the BBC has an article saying that Ukraine is “running out of men”. Young men and old have long been press-ganged off the streets into the armed services. The latest arrest of army recruitment personnel by Zelensky is an attempt to step up the draft and prevent the buying of exemption from conscription ($7,500 is apparently the standard price! – about 18 months pay for the average earner.)


Ukrainians have now understood, as cemeteries expand and new ones are laid out, what the insightful have known for 20 years – that Ukraine has been taken over by the West, its elections overturned, its leaders removed and its armed services expanded to be the biggest in Europe – all to be used as a battering ram against Russians (millions of whom live in Eastern Ukraine and who have been dying under Kiev’s shelling for 9 years).


The European Conservative revealed that an overwhelming majority of Ukrainians deeply mistrust the EU and NATO, with 71% of respondents saying that NATO and the EU only follow self-serving interests and simply use Ukraine for their own purposes. Ukraine is indeed both a battering ram for American neocon and business/agricultural/defence industry interests and a stage for sending Ukrainians to fight, with the actor Zelensky the most prominent stage presence.


The latest performance is the disastrous “counter offensive” in which some 40,000 troops have been killed or wounded and which is gradually turning into a Russian offensive, especially in the Kharkov area. A CIA source for the US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said that the ill prepared counter offensive was “a show put on by Zelensky” and the CIA had warned Blinken about the possibility of failure.


The appalling morale of the poorly trained Ukrainians aged from teenagers to 60-year-olds has long been reported with troops refusing to advance and even turning on their commanders. This order for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence warns that mobilised men should not immediately be issued with ammunition in case they commit suicide.


Ukraine’s surprising admission


Balitsky, the Russian deputy regional governor of the Zaporozhye region, who cited the low morale and psychological state of the soldiers claimed two Ukrainian airmobile battalions had refused to launch an offensive. “This involves around 500 individuals. They are weary of witnessing the loss of their fellow comrades and are unwilling to serve as mere cannon fodder.”


The headline in the American Conservative reads, “Make Peace, You Fools!” Underneath, “America’s proxy war against Russia has turned Ukraine into a graveyard.” Like all US disastrous ventures overseas it takes the American political class a long time to find the fighting on the map, never mind how many they are killing.


If the Ukrainians have any success it is in the south in the area south of Orekhov where they have made progress towards Rabotino but even there the villages they gained cannot be occupied because they are under heavy Russian fire control. And Rabotino is miles from the first Russian line of defence. Into this area the Armed Forces of Ukraine have sent their last reserves, the western trained 82nd air assault brigade equipped with Challenger tanks and German Marder infantry fighting vehicles. They have suffered heavy losses and have been unable to take Rabotino.


Evacuation becomes mobilisation


The Russian advances in the Kharkov region have been impressive and the major town of Kupiansk is under attack. Over 60 settlements are being evacuated in the Kharkiv region. The desperation of the Ukrainian regime to find more conscripts to replace the horrendous death and wounded toll on the front lines is evident in the cynical use of the evacuation to capture and mobilise the evacuated men:


Particularly, men are not allowed on the evacuation buses, regardless of their age and health condition. Moreover, after bidding farewell to their relatives and friends, several men have already been taken to a medical commission for mobilisation into the AFU (Ukrainian Army). Another ruse to capture recruits – like the holding in one area of a “how to avoid mobilisation” lecture which turned out to be a trap. Those who turned up were immediately drafted!


Nazi Ukrainian troops relax


Zelensky has uploaded a video to his Telegram channel showing him meeting Azov Battalion founder Andriy Biletsky who is on record as claiming to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen”. Of course the moron Biden is too busy calling Republicans “white supremacists” to notice he is arming and training real Nazi supremacists in Ukraine!


The return of the Nazi Azov battalion to the front lines was announced. Here are some of the allies of the West relaxing! The number of western denials of the widespread Nazism in Ukraine society has I notice decreased – because it is simply undeniable:


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