The still unfinished business of Narendra Modi
by George Augustine on 03 Sep 2023 5 Comments

On 13 March 2013, Vijayvaani published my article titled The Unfinished Business of Narendra Modi; the BJP had then not announced their official PM candidate. After a decade, Narendra Modi’s business still remains unfinished.


Ten years is a long time in an individual’s life but not for the Hindu civilisation that we call Indian. By the election of Modi as the Prime Minister of India in 2014 and his repeat victory in 2019, the trend of the steadily diminishing fortunes of the Hindu civilisation has stalled, but the long-awaited recovery is pending.


In 2023, after ten years of rule of “Hindu nationalists”, the status of the Hindu in India remains almost the same as it used to be in colonial times. Hindus are still colonial subjects or second-class citizens when it comes to their religion. Their faith, just like in almost every other country on earth, is not equal to the Semitic monotheistic religions that have conquered almost all other peoples on the planet.


As a consequence, despite the electoral win of a professedly Hindu party in India, the Hindu religion continues to be ridiculed on a regular basis by politicians and cultural ambassadors inside and outside India. A spokesperson of the ruling party was suspended from the party in June 2022 for a retort to a Muslim debater who insulted her Hindu faith. In faraway USA, a Hindu contender for the White House is singled out by one of his party rivals and Christian pastors for being a Hindu in 2023.


Even the Indian judiciary still preserves colonial prejudice when it comes to reforming the Hindu religion, but its zeal and fire for reform and zeitgeist displayed in the former cases are not as evident when it comes to the religion of the colonisers: Islam or Christianity. And there is still no Uniform Civil Code, as if keeping Indians in religious compartments aka ghettos is the way forward for a progressive India!


Modi’s voters are not only disappointed, but also anxious. Will he really deliver if he gets a third term? Will he be able to withstand the globally orchestrated full-court press? Will our polytheistic civilisation survive this final onslaught of adharma?


For the embers of Hindu civilisation to be fanned back into a glowing, blazing fire, we need Sri Narendra Modi to finish the task that he began in 2014 by getting another term in 2024. At least, that is what his voters expect him to do. For both his supporters and enemies know, if Modi fails, the Hindu civilisation falls!


Modi’s formidable foes


With the election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India in 2014, the rise of Hindutva (literally Hindu-ness) as a political power in India was grudgingly acknowledged all over the world. This gave rise to euphoria for a large section of the population who were unhappy with the corrupt state of affairs, especially the institutional prejudice against their religion, and grossly incompetent governance in post-colonial India.


At the same time, Modi’s success also annoyed a lot of people, such as Rev. Cedric Prakash for one, who had hitherto enjoyed an elite existence amidst privilege among overseers of an India that kowtowed to its colonial masters in world affairs, in economic as well as cultural and religious matters.


Cedric Prakash, like Teesta Setalvad and Co., are constituents of a complex machinery (funded and controlled by corporate globalists) that has been striving for years to destroy Modi ever since his leadership credentials and business acumen were tested and proven in Gujarat. And moreover, he belonged to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, an association of Hindus founded in 1925 as a cultural counterweight to the British-sponsored Indian National Congress that espoused colonial interests and the Indian Muslim League that acted for the Ottoman Caliphate. The RSS was an organisation hated from the start by colonial forces, which they perceived as the primary line of defence of the Hindus.


Initially, Modi’s enemies were successful in curtailing his human rights by running PR campaigns in the USA to cancel Modi’s US visa and his participation in university seminars. In an unprecedented cantankerous move, 65 members of the Indian parliament wrote to Barack Obama to deny Modi his rights.  Nobel Peace Prize awardee Obama obliged even though he was busy running drone strikes against alleged terrorists in Asia and Africa and killing countless people including substantial number of civilians.


Some of the anti-Modi activists, Arundhati Roy being prominent among them, undertook campaign tours giving lectures and talk shows trashing Modi, even likening him to Adolf Hitler. These democratically and culturally undignified tactics were aided and abetted by intellectually stale Western academicians, a bunch of low-calibre men and women, truly bereft of scientific temper, fine liberal principles, or even common courtesy, who would continue to oppose Modi even after he got elected as the Prime Minister of India, evincing their open contempt for democratic processes.


The prospect of the 2024 national elections in India and its significance for the Hindu civilisation has once again invigorated the anti-Modi industry led by left-liberal stalwarts, well-funded Christian elements and hardcore Islamists who, it appears, cannot tolerate a resurgent Hinduism any longer. Their concerted effort to achieve a common goal (annihilate the pagan) perhaps predates the beginning of Modi’s political career itself.


Backing the varied organisations under which these personalities operate with material and logistical support are powerful names in the corporate West such as George Soros who opposes the imminent rise of Hindu India. For these people, Modi is a dictator because in their befuddled collective unconscious, Hindus are disenfranchised polytheists whose votes do not count.


The manner in which the recent news of violence from Manipur and Haryana were reported by the corporate media signals that their operations have already shifted to top gear. They want to prevent Modi from getting a third term by any means, because on the one hand his success would guarantee the perpetuation of Hindu civilisation, and on the other it might also cause great grief for the People of the Book, prompted by their scripturally influenced subconscious, in accepting the cultural and intellectual superiority of the Hindu civilisation. Moreover, a hat trick by Modi would also sound the death knell of the global anti-Hindu industry inside Indian territory run by the globalist conversion /evangelization mafia.


The anti-Modi industry is the embodiment of destructive colonial forces at play to maintain the status quo of power on the planet. Ultimately, it is no longer the ideologies that matter, but the cultural fault lines, similar to what Samuel L. Huntington envisaged in the mid-1990s. The victory of the polytheistic pagan for the third term means a complete failure and loss of face of the Western-led (synonymous with colonial) civilisations and cultures that promote this industry. The success of the pagan proves their monotheistic god wrong and causes a rift in the subconscious!


What do Hindus expect from Narendra Modi?


The BJP led by Modi became popular among Hindus because they trusted Modi to rescue them from the disadvantage they were facing in modern India, which ultimately was degrading their ancient civilisation steadily and thus leading it towards extinction, a fate that overtook its vanished peers in every continent. The British-educated Indian elite like Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru followed the same rules and regulations of the Christian and Islamic colonialists and founded a constitution for the new nation that endangered the ancient heritage and put the Hindu civilisation at peril.


There were no unified civil laws in the first place. Instead primitive tribal laws like Sharia and Canon Law held sway among Muslims and Christians, not to mention the diverse customary traditions that divided the Hindu communities by an unjustified and bogus “caste” system. By the “right” of “propagation of religion”, zealots are constitutionally allowed to relentlessly bother the Hindu “pagans” for conversion to their antiquated religions. Internecine conflicts are a never-ending event in India solely because of this criminal “right”, for which, invariably, the Hindus get worldwide blame.


The predatory colonial character of Christian and Islamic religions was given a free run in independent India without government control, whereas Hindu believers were decoupled from their religious institutions and places of worship. The wealthy and influential temples came under government control. Taxpayers’ money began to be channelled to Christian and Islamic institutions to disseminate and propagate their faith, just like in colonial times, whereas more and more temples and their revenue were taken over by various governments.


The term “secular” was added to the Constitution of India in 1976, but the epithet “religious minority” continued to remain a powerful category for attracting public funds at the expense of their poor compatriots who formed the majority.


After ten years of “Hindu nationalist” rule, the prospect of the Hindus remaining a singular culture in the future still hangs in balance. So, the Hindus want all of these restrictions on their religion removed and to enjoy a level playing field vis-à-vis the privileged minority religions. They want Narendra Modi and the BJP to guarantee and safeguard the sustenance of Hindus and their culture by adopting adequate measures, particularly to protect them and their future generations from the predatory actions of Christianity and Islam.


If all Indians are equal before a common law regardless of their religion, it would go a long way in bringing harmony to the nation. But this is precisely what the Christian and Islamic forces that control the world do not want! They want to be not only more equal than the pagan and the infidel, but also vanquish and destroy them as told in their scriptures.


What Modi needs to do


On August 15, 2023 Narendra Modi announced in his Independence Day address that the motto of his first term was “Reform,” the second term’s was “Perform,” and the third one would be “Transform”. For a meaningful transformation, a prerequisite is that Modi and the BJP should first win the 2024 elections.


A loss for the BJP and Narendra Modi would mean the Gandhi clan and their servile pack are back to haunt India again, and along with them the entire left-liberal motley crew, who this time would prove to be of utmost danger, being backed by powerful enemies of the nation who plot the annihilation of Hindu India.


So we have devised a three-point plan to ensure the survival of the Hindu nation, which we lay down below.


First of all, Narendra Modi should take every measure, overt and covert, to ensure that the BJP and the NDA get a good majority in 2024. In case the Uniform Civil Code has not been implemented before the elections, the government must first introduce it as soon as they settle in power.


Secondly, the government should enact essential legislation on the lines of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 to protect the rights of all children living in India (Protection of Children Act) by prohibiting the initiation and teaching of religion to all Indian children under the age of 14 in religious schools by religious teachers. All religious schools without exception must be under the purview of the Government of India to control the abuse of children. A child would thus be spared brainwashing in the formative years of childhood and dangerous fanaticism would disappear in a generation or two.


Thirdly, innovate Modi government’s ongoing development work by consciously eschewing error-prone Western models of development, economy and environment protection. Instead, the government should adopt and strongly promote Indic (dharmic) perspectives on business, environmental protection, character building and true human progress.


India’s industrial development has been unremarkable, risky and lacking depth due to the pursuance of Western models that are simply not based on reality. Internationally, India’s prime status today is merely as a major supplier of human resources to operate the industry and agenda of the colonial forces that are religiously colluding to finish off Hindu civilisation all around the globe.


The successful implementation of the above-mentioned three points would earn Narendra Modi a place in the civilisational history of India and Sanatana Dharma. It would bring the human species back on track, with thought and deed aligned with nature and in harmony with oneself and each other.


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