In Praise of Whistleblowers
by Bill Willers on 02 Dec 2023 0 Comment

Biden Administration Accused of “Spreading Misinformation” regarding Covid-19 Pandemic and 9/11


A State Department official, Sylvia Yacoub, not only has accused the Biden Administration of “spreading misinformation”, but also of being “complicit in genocide”. Her 5-page memo was signed by 100 State Department and USAID officials in a State Department system that, unfortunately, is not for public view. Still, it reveals that conflict exists within governmental structures. In the case of this memo, the impact is certain to be essentially zero. It’s as if leadership is saying, “OK, you’re critical, but now back to work.” So then, how does someone aware of dangerous or treasonous activity make it known to a larger public that needs it?


There is a vast storehouse of secrets within the hundreds of thousands of people in America’s federal alphabet agencies, e.g., CDC, CIA, FDA, EPA, DHS, FBI. There are many more “3-letters”, of course, but those 6 are high in the public mind. Every one impacts on the public’s perception of the Covid-19 Pandemic - of the early lies about there being no existing treatment thus forcing the world toward an untested genetic therapy misnamed “vaccine”, of the relentless in-your-face lies of “safe and effective”, of the censoring of alternative medical views, of hiding the fact of mortality rates vastly higher in the vaccinated. Things like that. Those 6 agencies alone account for ~600,000 federal employees, many who know much about which We The People are intentionally kept in the dark.


Leaderships of the 6 listed adhere with military fidelity to the official story of the Pandemic, now known to be full of orchestrated deceptions. But enforced conformity to a narrative is a key to “success” in dealing with a pandemic, according to Event 201’s strategy as framed mere weeks before the Covid-19 Pandemic was declared.


And when you follow details of Pandemic-related issues in play, you can see their “success” is disastrous to the massive “lower class” - essentially all of humanity that is to remain after the globalist’s Great Reset and the extinguishing of the middle class that is now in progress.


If you look at the Covid-19 Pandemic as an isolated issue, you’re overlooking its role in the ongoing surge toward One World Government, with its involvements in genocide, genetic manipulation and the melding of mind with machine.


The Covid 19 Pandemic is like a mile marker of the road toward One World Government as summarized by David Rockefeller. “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the bright lights of publicity. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government.”


The Covid-19 Pandemic has served as a stepping stone toward the “success” of globalist strategy, as it justified a major increase in governmental oppression in the name of “public health”, the most politicized and weaponized “scientific discipline” of human experience. But there’s much more than health-related issues. Consider Department of Homeland Security collusion with social media to censor Americans.


The DHS is also responsible for the disintegration of America’s southern border and in protecting the surge of millions of illegal aliens into the United States, here able to establish “sleeper cells” of military-age men from all over the world. The slow stepwise introduction of globalist initiatives, such as the ongoing eroding of national boundaries everywhere, makes the relentless move toward One World Government invisible to oblivious citizens. This facilitating the establishment of a potential army within the United States makes “treason” seem much too tame a charge. And the hell of it is that most Americans seem barely aware of what’s taking place under their feet.


Likewise, the FBI has everything - absolutely everything! to expose overnight the lie of the preposterous Official 9/11 “narrative”. Whatever hit the Pentagon was videotaped from all angles by security cams, and that visual record would demolish the ridiculous story of an aluminium tube punching a clean hole through the Pentagon’s massively reinforced exterior.


Showing the rocket hitting the Pentagon (at the precise point to take out budget analysts tracking “lost” trillions of dollars) would slap even the stupidest awake. Alas, every tape available was immediately confiscated by the FBI and remains concealed. But can’t we - and shouldn’t we - assume that within the FBI some have enough strength of character to discern the rot in an FBI leadership that would make the agency such a weapon against the public? These are only two examples, but research into the actions and connections of just about any federal agency is certain to yield questions wanting answers that, like the FBI videos mentioned, are kept hidden.


Tyrannical elements of government persist when their evil projects are not exposed by staff who should be letting us see them. Taking a position in a governmental agency in no way requires obedient support regardless of whatever corrupt project a traitorous leadership for the moment might have in the works. Public servants, regardless of where situated in any agency’s pecking order, are not obliged to shift allegiance to anything other than the public. In the end, for every governmental employee, the group to be served is The People in the most expansive sense.


Revealing criminal acts of state carries risk. A recent example is of four chemists who struggled with the demands of their EPA superiors for data manipulation posing an obvious threat to public health. Despite the atmosphere of intimidation (The EPA drips with internal rot), ethics demanded that they expose the situation to the intercept, and this brief report is a quick lesson in regulatory agency-industry collusion and in the kind of pressures staff throughout governmental agencies face in this era in which corruption almost seems to have become “normalized”.


Sibel Edmonds was fired by the FBI for revealing agency security failures. The legendary Daniel Ellsberg, whose leaking of the Pentagon Papers led to charges that could have landed him in prison for more than a century. All charges were ultimately dropped due to - wait for it - exposure of governmental misconduct.


Edward Snowden revealed mind-numbing details of NSA surveillance. Here he reveals the motives of a whistleblower who would risk all. Whistleblowers such as these are driven by a personal integrity that, in seeing serious corruption, just cannot let it pass. Scroll, up from the bottom here for a glimpse of whistleblowers who revealed information we all should have, more often than not at personal risk. Note that the powers seeking to hide their crimes are nearly always governmental agencies and immense corporations.


When you understand what whistleblowers face in organizations that have many ways of making life hell, you see that such courageous people deserve all of the admiration we can muster.


But the dribble of evil secrets needs to become a deluge. There’s growing awareness that ‘something is wrong’ nearly everywhere you look in a government become gigantic and tyrannical. Given the several million public servants /fellow citizens populating this behemoth, there are certainly many who should be bringing secrecy-shrouded information into the open. Whistleblowers are our heroes, even if we never learn their names. We need a lot more of them.




A University of Alaska Institute of Engineering project has shown that the explanation for the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11/2001 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is physically impossible and therefore a bare-faced lie. Because of this, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth has sued NIST. But the US District of Columbia Court of Appeals recently ruled that A&E has no standing, the Court’s reason being that there is nothing in the law requiring agency reports to be accurate or scientifically sound.


Bill Willers is an emeritus professor of biology, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. He is founder of the Superior Wilderness Action Network and editor of Learning to Listen to the Land, and Unmanaged Landscapes, both from Island Press. He can be contacted at He is a regular contributor to Global Research. The original source of this article is Global Research. Copyright © Prof. Bill Willers, Global Research, 2023. Courtesy 

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