The Gaza War, “Big Money” and the Insidious Role of the World Economic Forum
by Ernst Wolff on 14 Dec 2023 0 Comment

After a temporary lull in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government’s war against Hamas resumed in full force on 4 December. Under the pretext of eradicating the “terrorist threat: once and for all, the Israeli army is once again showing no consideration for the Palestinian civilian population.


It is now clear to any unbiased observer that this is no longer a matter of defense, but of targeted destruction – a destruction in which thousands of innocent victims, including countless children, are willingly accepted. Why? What and, above all, who is behind this monstrous inhumanity?


Some background events that are largely withheld from the general public by the mainstream media, but which may also be decisive for the future development of the conflict, could shed light on this.


Natural Gas Discoveries Off Gaza


As is now widely known, there are natural gas and oil deposits worth around $500 billion about 20 nautical miles off the coast of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians would actually be entitled to the proceeds, but Israel has been withholding them for a good 20 years, contrary to international law.


At the same time, however, Israel is itself engaged in oil and gas production, namely at 9 different fields in the Mediterranean, and has thus turned from a natural gas importer into a natural gas exporter since 2017. This alone is a blatant injustice and, above all, a mockery of the people in the Gaza Strip, where more than half of the inhabitants live in poverty and 80 per cent of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid.


Why this is the case and what lies behind this inhumane agenda is revealed, at least in part, by the following background information that has come to light in recent weeks:

One of Israel’s gas fields is Tamar, which is operated by the major US corporation Chevron. Its exports via the East Mediterranean Gas Pipeline were suspended a few days after the terrorist attack on October 7. Chevron then applied to export gas via the Arab Gas Pipeline, which connects another Israeli offshore platform, Leviathan, to both Jordan and Egypt.


The Alliances in the Background


This should make you prick up your ears because it clearly shows that in the event of war, there are alliances of which the public learns next to nothing, and for good reason: they are not supposed to know who is profiting from the war in the background.


So, let’s take a closer look at the parties involved:

-       Egypt and Israel have fought several wars against each other in the past and are certainly not considered friendly nations.

-       And Jordan’s Queen Rania has repeatedly expressed her solidarity with the Palestinians and her rejection of Israel’s war policy on her Instagram account in recent weeks.

However, this public portrayal is contradicted by a connection between the actors that is hardly mentioned anywhere.


Both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Egypt’s head of state General Al Sisi are listed by the World Economic Forum as contributors to its agenda. And Queen Rania of Jordan is not only a contributor but has even been a member of the WEF board for several years.


But that is by no means all. With a turnover of around a quarter of a trillion dollars in 2022, Chevron is not only one of the world’s largest oil companies, but is also closely linked to the WEF as one of around 120 so-called strategic partners.


And that’s not all:

-       Chevron’s main shareholder, alongside its own shareholder Vanguard, is none other than the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock.

-       And its founder and CEO Larry Fink has also been a member of the WEF board together with Queen Rania since 2019.

-       And to top it all off: Israel’s most important arms suppliers are the major arms companies in the USA, behind which BlackRock and Co. are also the main shareholders in almost all cases.


Aid Packages and Licenses


However, the arms deliveries declared as aid packages are not financed by charitable organizations or billionaires sympathetic to Israel, but by the American taxpayer, i.e. mainly the American middle class, in the form of so-called aid pacts. The most recent aid package of 13 billion dollars was only requested in October by US President Joe Biden, who is also a contributor to the WEF agenda. But these cross-connections do not end there.


On October 31, five days before the resumption of attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israel’s government awarded 12 licenses to explore for natural gas in its waters to six companies. The largest of these is British Petroleum (BP). BP is also a strategic partner of the WEF and signed a 1.5 billion deal with the Indian IT company Infosys in May 2023.


Not only is Infosys also a strategic partner of the WEF – its co-founder, billionaire Narayana Murthy, is not only a contributor to the WEF, but also the father-in-law of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who in turn is one of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders.


Another Deceptive Maneuver


Another detail that shows how the Palestinian people are being deceived and defrauded not only by the Israeli government, but also by their own leaders:

-       In 2021-22, Egypt and Israel were involved in “secret bilateral talks” regarding the extraction of natural gas off the coast of the Gaza Strip. (see Arbuthnot and Chossudovsky, November 2023)

-       And in June 2023, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu promised the development of the gas field off Gaza to the Egyptian state-owned company EGAS – and, surprisingly, in agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

-       What sounds like a political sensation turns out on closer inspection to be another deceptive maneuver, because Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas’ opponent, is also a contributor to the WEF.


It is sad but true: as so often in the past, the world public is being deceived in the case of Gaza about the fact that the decisive question in the event of war is not which of the two fighting parties will win in the end, but who is pulling the strings in the background and who is unrestrainedly and unscrupulously enriching themselves at the expense of innocent people. 



Ernst Wolff was born in China in 1950 and spent his childhood in Korea. After studying in Germany and the USA, he worked as an interpreter, language teacher and screenwriter. Since the 1990s, he has been working as a journalist on the relationship between politics and “nance. He has published numerous articles on this subject and written several non-fiction books (World Power IMF, Financial Tsunami and Wolf of Wall Street). With the highly acclaimed book World Power IMF he became an acknowledged bestselling author. With World Economic Forum he continues this success. His investigative research and detailed knowledge of the global monetary system make him one of the top authors in the fields of economics, “nance and political economy. Ernst Wolff runs his own info channels on YouTube, Telegram and Odysee and regularly reaches an audience of millions.

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