Why is the West so concerned over Iran?
by Peter Eyre on 16 Oct 2009 1 Comment

Is Iran a true threat in the nuclear sense, or is it more to the point that Iran has massive reserves of oil and gas and is the only country not under the control of the west?  Is it also true that the war in Afghanistan is also connected once again to that evil word called “OIL” so that the United States and American companies can construct the massive TAPI pipeline from Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India?

Is it true that if Iran is allowed to construct its own pipeline from Iran – Pakistan, it will dramatically affect the viability of the US TAPI pipeline? Would a US led war with Iran give the West a more accessible and profitable Ceyhan pipeline that would directly challenge Russia’s supremacy of the European Market?

Could America’s thirst for control of the world’s natural resources and its heavy and consistent use of Depleted Uranium weapons on Muslim communities have some connection to depopulating the Middle East to enhance that control?

Why suddenly has the US, who played a major role against Iran, managed to bring the British, French and German leaders into this argument? Could it be that they would be the main benefactors for the above plans? Is this bullying of Israel a decoy and an entirely false façade to hide the fact that the Cehyan pipeline will hopefully branch down to Israel and onto Eilat to create a large crude oil/gas export facility?

What we are seeing here is a very interesting picture of intimidation and control. A master plan that would not only give incredible wealth to the US, UK, France, Germany and Israel, but would also totally destabilise the entire Middle East.

In the background of this US/UK-backed “Iron Fist” foreign policy are a specialised team of unscrupulous financiers who control the world finances extending from Wall Street to London.  They surround key leaders with their advisors and manipulate the world to their own economic greed.

It is as if the Cold War never ended, and each side is trying to create its own space for enlargement. Russia currently has Europe under its grasp with massive reserves. It also wants to capture as much of the market as possible because at the end of the day oil and gas is priceless without the end user.

We see Russia wanting to venture into areas were the west would prefer them not to be. Plans are for Russia to extend its pipelines further south to Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus. This would be an extension to the South Stream Pipeline that is intended to be a secondary pipeline to Europe and bypass Ukraine.

It is clear from the three pipeline plans that this is a huge battle between the East and West, the two main players being Russian and the US, with its puppets Britain, France and Germany assisting the fight. What has not been discussed here is the blackmail associated with entry into the EU or in becoming a member of NATO. The US is pushing for Turkey to become a member of EU and also wants to change NATO guidelines to include protection of oil and gas facilities. This very clever move by the US could pull NATO into any conflict involving natural resources and installations. This manipulation will be used in the same way as for 9/11.

To those that don’t fully understand the wordings of NATO… “An attack on one is an attack on all” and that’s why NATO is firmly embedded in any area where US is in conflict. This would have to be the biggest con ever dreamt up by the US. They pulled us into Iraq, Afghanistan, and maybe very soon into Iran.

US in its MoU with Israel also offered offshore protection of the Eastern Mediterranean to stop any potential gun-running into Gaza or elsewhere. What it didn’t explain was that this is all part of the militarisation of the region to protect the prolific reserves of oil and gas in the area, and also to protect any offshore oil/gas platforms and sub-sea pipelines.

Amidst all the turmoil of growth and greed are the innocent people who live in and around such natural resources. The US and NATO have without doubt caused irreversible damage in Iraq, destroying its agricultural seed bank that was once the birth of civilisation. They have spread uranium around the country by excessive use of dirty weapons, destroyed the genetics of the people, and polluted the soil and water.

Over in Afghanistan, we see a repeat of the same treatment, except with a far greater use of uranium based weapons. The same tell tale signs are emerging with a rise in cancer related diseases and birth defects which have now crossed over into Pakistan. We are also receiving reports of cancer and birth defects in Northern Pakistan and Northern India, especially the Punjab. I expect this will soon spread further south to Delhi, which also lies downwind of the conflict area.

With the continued use of these dirty weapons in Afghanistan and Pakistan we will see the spread of this contamination over the Himalaya’s and beyond. This has the potential to destroy the many major river systems that start their journey in the high country and meander down into SE Asia.

Israel used these same dirty weapons on Lebanon and Gaza, thus nuking its own soldiers and population. This contamination is on going owing to secondary contamination created by the United Nations in authorising the removal of all rubble on bombed sites. This rubble is to be crushed over the next year and used to resurface roads and streets in Gaza. To even attempt this exercise is in total violation of UN’s own regulations. With such an extensive programme underway we can assure Israel that it will definitely fall victim to the same rise in cancers, diabetes, mental illnesses, still births and badly disfigured babies. These secondary contaminated aerosols will drift to all parts of the country at the mercy of the wind.

I urge the world to stop any plans by the US, UK, France, Germany or Israel in carrying out any attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities. This could result in other Islamic countries becoming involved, as well as creating a surge in acts of terrorism. One would also expect Iran to retaliate and attack Israel and US military bases in the Middle East, resulting in an escalation to war. The West will use dirty weapons and combined with radiation risks from the facilities could create catastrophic fallout, resulting in the total contamination of the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters in cryptology, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph


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