Afghanistan: corruption or defeat – 2
by Peter Eyre on 27 Nov 2009 0 Comment

We keep asking ourselves why our troops are in Afghanistan, and they keep telling us it’s to keep our streets safe from terrorism. We keep asking if the enemy is Al Qaeda and Taliban, why aren’t you fighting them in their strongholds. You keep telling us they are up in the northeast of Afghanistan and over the border in Pakistan, so why are our troops not supporting the Pakistan Army in a cross border combined operation?


For the second time in less than a month, Pakistan commanders called for assistance from the US/NATO forces. They are truly in the thick of Al Qaeda/Taliban stronghold and our forces are nowhere to be seen. Are they sincere in this decoy of telling us we have to keep our streets safe or that we must help the people of Afghanistan in achieving democracy?


We see headlines from the Los Angeles TimesPakistan launches risky offensive into Taliban-Al Qaeda stronghold.” The challenges are daunting: The military will face unforgiving terrain along the Afghan border that has long been viewed as a possible hide-out for Osama bin Laden, as well as a battle-hardened enemy likely to respond by stepping up bloody attacks across the country. The government believes more than 80% of the terrorism inflicted on Pakistan originates in the region. Where are US/UK/NATO troops?


In recent months, the US has pushed Pakistan to forge ahead with an offensive in Waziristan. President Obama is considering a shift in focus in Afghanistan to emphasize Al Qaeda rather than the Taliban as the biggest threat to American security. However, the Pakistani Taliban has been a major source of destabilization in Pakistan, a key US ally said in the fight against terrorism.


Haven’t we heard this before? Didn’t it form the basis of going to war in the first place and that Al Qaeda was their target? It is a distinct weakness in both Obama and Brown that they really do not know why they are in Afghanistan or what should be their strategy. Maybe there is some hidden agenda that keeps deceiving the public. Could this possibly be all about Afghanistan’s natural resources - the TAPI pipeline and protecting the opium trade?


It is very clear that the fight is not to eliminate those they went in to find - Al Qaeda is not down in the Southern part of Afghanistan as our intelligence experts tell us. Most are up in the northwest and across the border.


Despite the might, the technology and the sophisticated spy satellite network, it seems the Pakistan Army knows where they are and can only do the job asked if US/UK/NATO provide back-up on the other side of the border. But guess what - no one is on the other side!


US Special Forces are operating in this area and know exactly what is going on. They are disturbing extremely peaceful tribal areas. Many times we hear of such activities around the world when these forces stir up trouble, create small militias to cause instability in the region. Many locals talk about mysterious helicopter flights in the middle of the night; we have recently learnt… four heavily armed Americans, dressed as Afghans, were located and eventually released without charge.


For months the military has been getting ready for the offensive by pounding Taliban hideouts, training camps and weapons caches with airstrikes from fighter jets and helicopter gunships, and by blocking the militant group's supply and escape routes. About 30,000 troops are involved in the Waziristan offensive, which is expected to take six to eight weeks. Commanders would like to wrap up the operation before it gets bogged down by the first snows of winter, which generally come in early December.


Doesn’t this show that that is where Al Qaeda and Taliban exist and that time is of the essence to get this operation completed before winter sets in? So where are our forces - nowhere to be seen! All our forces are down in the South of Afghanistan securing the West’s greedy economic interests.


We see dramatic headlines: “US Envoy Urges Caution on Forces for Afghanistan” followed by exchanges between an ex-retired lieutenant general (US Ambassador to Afghanistan) and the current commander of US/NATO forces Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The US Ambassador responded to the urgent request by McChrystal by sending a communication to Obama expressing reservations about deploying additional troops to Afghanistan. Karl W Eikenberry is a retired ex Lt Gen who once served in Afghanistan and understands the situation there extremely well.


The President is reviewing his options, one of which could be a reduced number of between 10,000 – 15,000, designated as trainers for the Afghan security forces. The other three options are a lower figure than requested of around 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000. A central focus of Mr. Obama’s questions, officials said, was how long it would take to see results and be able to withdraw.


What is the truth behind this war? It certainly has no connection to 9/11. Many people around the world (especially in the US and UK) say its time for the people to take back their country from the grasp of the spin doctors. If one wishes to find the true axis of evil, look within our own leaders and the array of senior advisors who smother them with Zionist mentality and false data. It is one thing to vote in a new President, Prime Minister or to vote in a new party, but if you do not vote out the old administrative regime including those who were in office previously, the rot will not go away.


To cap it all we have another story from CBS:

As violence rises in Afghanistan, the power balance between insurgent groups has shifted, with a weakened al-Qaeda relying increasingly on the emboldened Taliban for protection and manpower to carry out deadly attacks, according to US military and intelligence officials. The ascendancy of the Taliban and the relative decline of al-Qaeda have broad implications for the Obama administration as it seeks to define its enemy in Afghanistan and debates deploying tens of thousands of additional troops.


Let’s just hold this story and reflect on the historical facts. The Taliban were once an ally of the US when Russia was fighting in Afghanistan. The US funded and trained them down to the very last detail on how to use plastic explosives etc. Later the US befriended them and tried to secure a commercial deal when they said the Taliban were good friends and that we should use them as leverage to secure the huge TAPI Pipeline project that would over its life bring trillions of dollars to the US economy. But the Taliban were much wiser that the ruthless American oil executives and realised the US was offering them a rough deal and turned the joint venture proposal down.

That resulted in the US deciding to go into Afghanistan a long time before 9/11 (sound familiar to Iraq?). It was a matter of waiting for an opportune time and 9/11 fixed that up.


The CBS report went on to say: Although the war in Afghanistan began as a response to al-Qaeda terrorism, there are perhaps fewer than 100 members left in the country. The report said officials estimate around 300 Al Qaeda members are in the tribal areas of Pakistan with tens of thousands of Taliban on either side of the border.

Obama made it clear that the US must remain in Afghanistan because if Taliban take control of the country the dangers to our communities would accelerate out of control and that must never happen. What he fails to understand is that the Taliban is in full control of the majority of Afghanistan and the battle is lost.


I believe NATO leaders fully understand this is now a lost cause; therefore they should pull out and bring the troops home. It takes a brave President or Prime Minister to admit this war is lost and serves no purpose.


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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