The Myths of Global Warming – 6
by Peter Eyre on 13 Dec 2009 0 Comment

Before looking at earth cycles, we can look at what is going on in the Arctic. You may find the truth for yourself rather than the spin Governments are portraying to us. We have seen the value that oil exploration, mining and logging is adding to our planet and because of this deforestation major changes are adding to the current natural cycle of “Global Warming.”


The last part dealt with volcanic and continental plate activity and the role it plays in changes to our atmosphere, the land and sea. As many of use are aware, Iceland is noted for its cold climate and volcanic activity with huge geysers. In Reykjavik they drill down to extract hot water to heat swimming pools and all houses in the city. This free source of geothermal water makes Iceland a very unique place to live without having to rely of the import of oil.


Moving closer to the North Pole we find exactly the same situation in Greenland with much more activity and huge natural geothermal pools/lakes for people to relax in. Venturing inside the Arctic Ice Cap and looking at the geology beneath the sea, we find again more volcanic activity with fault lines, hot vents, huge undersea dormant volcanoes and surprisingly much upward force in the surround landscape (land rise).


Let’s put these two factors together and see what could be one of the major changes in the Arctic Ice Cap. Deforestation changes the climate much further south, which causes an increase in atmospheric temperature as well as sea temperature. Both these two factors alone when added to the earth natural global warming cycle can create the false illusion the governments are blaming us for. In reality the economic greed of the G20 countries are the main player in this game and not third world countries.


If logging, oil, mining, palm oil plantations, cattle ranch development etc had not taken such a fanatical drive, this natural process would have been able to ride along at its own pace. We can now see why such dramatic changes are added to this cycle. One has to blame many of the G20 governments that allow this to happen and the multi national corporations who push these huge projects ahead, right in the heart of such places as the Amazon Jungle.


Let’s go back to the undersea activity in the Arctic Sea area to understand the other activity that in its own way can also alter the status of the ice cap. Adjacent Greenland reveals much of these hidden secrets… geysers steam, but on a much smaller scale. However, this has not always been the case and we have seen the formation of undersea mountains and the rise in adjacent land masses, which indicate not only volcanic activity but also plate activity.


It is a known fact that in one area under the ice there is much going on that can affect the sea temperature. Let’s see the actual climate in this region. The amount of ice at a given time regulates the exchanges of temperature – moisture and salinity. It has the capacity to insulate the relatively warm ocean water from the cold atmosphere that sits above it. Obviously, from time to time this ice breaks up, huge channels may form or a type of floating lake and when this occurs there is an exchange of this heat/vapour mix. It is during this time that the local weather can greatly change i.e. cloud cover, rain or snow etc. This local weather cycle and changes to the ice directly affect humans and wildlife in the area such as polar bears etc. They depend on the ice and therefore during any time in this cycle they can be at great risk of decreasing numbers.

The major cause of the apparent changes in the ice is increasing Arctic storm activity over the Transpolar Drift Stream caused by a shift of storm tracks toward higher latitudes. This shift is directly related to the deforestation taking place much further sound. Such dramatic changes take place after man’s destruction of the forest; temperatures change and air masses start to move around. We then get a mix of hot and cold air masses, some off the land and some off the sea which create in some cases, very big storms. These winds and storms directly increase the stirring of the ocean and cause other cycles to come into being. The Arctic water sinks and starts its journey (deep down) south and the warmer equatorial waters drift north towards the Arctic. It is during such active storms that the arctic comes under mush pressure. Add to this any possible undersea volcanic activity and we can see how Arctic Ice can be so dramatically affected.


There is in existence a normal seasonal cycle that takes place, and no one can predict with certainty how one year will be from another. What we can say is we are still coming out of an Ice Age and returning to a warmer planet that could resemble the time I described during early Viking days when they grew wheat in Greenland and vessels could freely transit the North West Passage.


If I had the opportunity to participate at the UN Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009, I would not be pushing for environmental taxes on the general public or forcing third world countries to change their existing energy needs, but rather hitting the people responsible for the damage. The G20 are in control of their destiny and in the background the natural earth’s cycle is going through one of its many transitions. We certainly do not need this barrage of propaganda or scaremongery thrown at us via the media day after day to push their evil hidden agenda of opening up more markets and taking away the competitiveness of third world markets. This conference serves two purposes:


-          To discuss “Global Warming and Climate Change”

-          To talk about ways of opening up new markets


What they mean to say is let’s offload our technology onto the third world at huge cost, force them into debt via the World Bank or IMF, get rid of any trade taxes or barriers and force their prices up with this new technology (nuclear power etc) and allow the G20 countries to take over their markets without competition. 


What underdeveloped countries should be saying to G20 countries is that they should pay any environmental taxes and not ordinary people or third world countries. Force the governments to address this fanatical land grab for resources or their own economic greed, and leave pristine regions such as the Amazon to carry on with natural cycle of cleansing our atmosphere of CO2 and returning it with oxygen and moisture so vital to life. Create a better traffic management system and start a long awaited greener management of fuel wastage and unnecessary waiting time due to poor sequencing etc.


My initial question to the G20 governments would be… Why are you so concerned about “Global Warming” and yet so blatantly ignorant of the uncontrolled use of weapons containing uranium components? Why worry about our environment, eco-systems and life itself when you are donating a lethal dose of Uranium Aerosols around our planet?


The seabed in the Arctic Sea is very much alive and active with fault lines, land rise and significant volcanic activity. A clear picture is now emerging to prove that the spin we have to contend with from government sources, Wall Street and London Bankers and the G20 brigade is a pack of lies. Copehagen should fail, but hopefully turn the blame back onto those who are really responsible for this “Axis of Evil.” Yes we do have to act now, but act with action and stop these ruthless people from adding to their existing control of our planet.


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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