Got Osama? How About the Ones That Pulverized the Towers on 9/11?
by Gary G. Kohls on 15 May 2011 0 Comment

The incoming helicopters took fire; they didn’t take fire. The Pakistanis didn’t know; they did know. Osama’s wife was a human shield; she wasn’t a human shield. It was his wife; it wasn’t his wife. Osama had a gun; he didn’t have a gun…If you’re not a conspiracy theorist in the United States of America, you’re probably a boob.”


Now that the alleged alien mastermind of the 9/11 airplane attacks on the World Trade Center Towers # 1 and # 2 is dead, how about going after the domestic masterminds of the controlled demolitions that brought down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7?”


The US propaganda machine that has dominated the biased, corporate-controlled media for the last 9 ½ years since 9/11/01 and now again since 5/01/11 has been very hard at work trying to convince us consumers of the veracity of its chest-thumping propaganda which is mostly coming out of the White House. The messages have been secretive, suspicious and often contradictory, with corrections being issued with astonishing regularity. The recipients of the “news” include the gullible, the critical-thinking skeptics, the indifferent and the blindly patriotic. Whatever the case may be, we are obviously being conditioned, via the steady drone of repetition, to accept another official theory that certain myth-makers fervently hope will soon be regarded as truth.


The story of course is that Osama bin Laden, who was afflicted with end-stage renal failure requiring thrice weekly hemodialysis back in 2001 (and whose funeral was reported in the Egyptian press early in 2002) has been assassinated by highly trained commandos that had obviously been given orders to kill “the infidel”- but not capture him alive.


The attempts at convincing us avid consumers of exciting news that any thinking person should instantly doubt is best illustrated in the following excerpt from an OpEd News essay by David Glenn Cox, entitled “Enabling Acts”, and posted at:


Cox says of himself early in the essay, “Of course I’m a conspiracy theorist. If you’re not a conspiracy theorist in the United States of America then you’re probably a boob.” He goes on to say:

“George W. Bush famously sat reading “My Pet Goat” to school children as the attacks went on and then told (lied to) a gullible public that he watched the second attack on TV when that wasn’t possible. We are told that a kerosene fire completely disintegrated two twelve thousand pound Rolls Royce jet engines, twenty four thousand pounds of steel and titanium but the victims of the crash were later identified by their finger prints and DNA. Where do you suppose they got the DNA samples for the terrorists?


“We question these stories because the stories that we are told don’t make sense. We are told Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9-11 yet has never been charged with that crime (nor did the FBI regard him as a credible suspect). Just like Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama Bin Laden is tried in the court of public opinion and then assassinated. A video conveniently surfaces, found in an abandoned Al Qaeda headquarters. In the (obviously doctored-up) video a man purported to be Osama Bin Laden (though with noticeably darker skin and a broader nose) takes credit for the 9-11 attack (this after three earlier denials of responsibility from Osama’s lips that were never published in the US). Three different Lee Harvey Oswalds appeared all trying to get into Cuba just months before the Presidential assassination which would have neatly tied Cuba to the assassination. Why then should we be surprised at the appearance of several bin Ladens?


“Nothing here makes any sense and it is the government’s responsibility to explain itself. The burden of proof is upon them and not upon me or upon the American people. There are enough one time anomalies involved with the 9-11 attacks to make Arlen Specter’s magic bullet theory seem almost plausible.


Anomalies of the official bin Laden story


“The incoming helicopters took fire; they didn’t take fire. The Pakistanis didn’t know; they did know. Osama’s wife was a human shield; she wasn’t a human shield. It was his wife; it wasn’t his wife. Osama had a gun; he didn’t have a gun. President Obama watched live on a satellite hook up; he didn’t watch live on a satellite hook up. This is called a disinformation campaign, to tell so many stories and then to correct them and to change them around so often that no one will ever be able to decipherer the truth. Misdirection is the magician’s best friend.”


And then we are supposed to believe that the military operatives would give a respectful “burial at sea” for the alleged corpse of bin Laden, the very military mind-set that, among thousands of other examples, 1) destroyed sacred mosques, 2) killed thousands of innocent civilians on the road and at wedding parties, 3) killed a dozen pre-teen boys gathering firewood, 4) demolished Fallujah and much of its civilian population simply out of revenge for an earlier “Yankee Go Home” resistance effort, 5) indiscriminately killed and maimed non-combatants (including children and journalists) in the infamous “Collateral Murder” episode (a video that, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions on international war crimes, was necessarily and courageously leaked by Bradley Manning) and 6) desecrated the Muslim holy days of Ramadan.


The “attacks on 9/11” were not the same as the “collapse” of WTC Towers 1, 2 & 7


Of course the real, long forgotten propaganda story that has been assumed to be true by too many of us gullible and/or naïve and/or uninformed Americans is that Osama bin Laden had something to do with the “collapse” (as opposed to the “attacks”) of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11/01 (recall that planes only hit #1 and #2!).


The “pyroclastic flows” seen after each WTC tower collapse occur only with volcanoes and controlled demolitions


It is important to note that increasingly large numbers of clear-headed, informed, thinking Europeans and other world citizens (plus many of the smartest, informed and free-thinking Americans that I know) do NOT believe the provably false Cheney/Bush/Rove White House “Mother of All Conspiracy Theories”: that two planes and relatively low temperature kerosene fires (that burned out within minutes) could abruptly cut through scores of 4 inch thick, 110 floor steel I-beams and transform them into neat 30 foot sections and then rapidly bring down the three nonflammable steel and concrete skyscrapers, much less cause them to pulverize in a pyroclastic flow of fine dust typical only of volcanoes and controlled demolitions of high-rise buildings.


One only has to compare Mount St. Helen’s explosive volcanic eruption in 21 years ago this month ( with the WTC tower’s pulverization and collapse – at free fall, accelerating speed

( And then listen to the multitude of witnesses as they attest to the explosions at every level of the buildings, including the sub-basements. (Watch the explosive “squibs” that were the tell-tale signs of internal explosive devices in the Twin Towers as they were exploding into fine dust

( which was found to have large amounts of “military-grade” nanothermite (thermite is a common highly explosive material that is used in the controlled demolition trade because of its explosivity and the extremely high temperatures it can attain - and nanothermite is the most powerful and most costly form of thermite.


Even if bin Laden DID have something to do with 9/11/01, all the evidence points to his not having anything to do with the controlled demolition of the three towers. It took an insider group of highly trained people to do that job, people who could be bought off or otherwise relied on to keep state secrets, sort of like what happened with the Manhattan Project in WWII. To be truthful about assigning responsibility for the 3000 people who were killed that day, one must recalculate how many of them were killed by the planes and how many people were killed by those who planned and planted the explosive charges that caused the collapse of the buildings.


Bin Laden, even if he did orchestrate the attacks, which he denied three times in 2001, could only have been responsible for a fraction of the 3000 people that were killed on 9/11. The people on the floors above the burned-out fires could have been saved had it not been for the demolition (recall that the dramatic collapse of the buildings was required in order for the Bush administration to push for war – two planes simply crashing into two buildings wouldn’t do it). The culprits who orchestrated the collapses are still at large and the 9/11 Commission, by carefully refusing to consider the overwhelming evidence that the buildings were downed by controlled demolitions. In fact, the commission, a group of largely Cheney/ Bush insiders never mentioned a single word about the collapse of WTC 7 at 5:30 pm later that day.


As Cox says: “We question these stories because the stories that we are told don’t make sense.”


It’s time to bring up again the most logical theory about what really happened on 9/11


Here is the link to one of the most thorough accounts of 9/11, from a researcher friend of mine from Germany. It lays out all the evidence that proves that the White House Conspiracy Theory is bunk:


And, before anybody writes angry letters to this paper (usually done without bothering to study the evidence), I have listed below a tiny portion of the large amount of incontrovertible evidence debunking the White House Conspiracy Theory. A full examination of the evidence will put you in league with the increasing number of open-minded truth-seekers and patriots (who love their country but are suspicious of their government, their corporations, their ruling elites and the paid-off politicians) who are demanding an unbiased investigation of what really happened on 9/11/01, irrespective of what political parties were involved or what politicians or news organizations have been a part of the cover-up. Please, if you are concerned about the survival of your planet or about the lives of your progeny, take the time to study the following, and follow the evidence:  (proof of pre-planted explosives in WTCs)


Don’t be afraid, it is said that the truth will set you free.


Dr. Kohls, MD, is involved in peace, nonviolence and justice advocacy and resists fascism, corporatism, militarism, racism and other movements that are anti-democratic

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