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by Sandhya Jain on 31 Jan 2010 4 Comments

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance has, in successive incarnations, been determined to give Muslims and Christians extraordinary precedence and weightage, with a clear long-term objective of driving Hindus out of public spaces.  The writer has always maintained that Secularism was imposed upon an unsuspecting nation solely to ensure

by Hari Om on 30 Jan 2010 11 Comments

It is now no more a secret that the so-called ultra nationalist BJP had made up its mind to give concessions to Pakistan and accord legitimacy to the politics of communalism and separatism in Kashmir by giving maximum possible autonomy to Kashmir and its adjoining areas. In fact, the BJP agreed to accept Pakistan’s anti-India suggestions in M

by Eric Walberg on 30 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Ukraine’s presidential elections Sunday were remarkable in more ways than one. The winner of the first round and favourite to lead Ukraine at a crucial moment in its history is the one politician observers long ago dismissed as a has-been. Viktor Yanukovich is mocked by his opponents as an illiterate bumpkin, a puppet of Ukrainian business ma

by F William Engdahl on 29 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Only days after the failed Copenhagen Global Warming Summit, yet a new scandal over the scientific accuracy of the UN IPCC 2007 climate report has emerged. Following the major data-manipulation scandals from the UN-tied research center at Britain’s East Anglia University late 2009, the picture emerges of one of the most massive scientific fra

by Ramtanu Maitra on 29 Jan 2010 0 Comment

The emergence of three major powers - Russia, China, and India - on the Eurasian landmass, agreeing to cooperate to seek economic growth and regional security while not allowing bilateral differences to come to the fore, has already begun to bear fruit. Both Japan and South Korea have begun to enhance investments in this vast area; and Russia, in p

by Nancy Kaul on 27 Jan 2010 23 Comments

The non-hoisting of the national tricolour at Srinagar’s Lal Chowk, the failure of the Security Forces to hold their own traditional celebrations there with the unfurling of the flag, singing of the anthem, followed by distribution of sweets, will surely be the enduring memory of Republic Day 2010. Leading the national celebrations down

by Ajaat Jamwal on 27 Jan 2010 29 Comments

On Jan. 21, I received a phone call fairly late at night, after 10 pm, from an inmate of the internally displaced camp at Nagrota, a town between Jammu and Udhampur. The caller, a Kashmiri Pandit, was worried, agitated, and extremely distressed. What he told me was both disturbing and significant in the light of so many other straws in the wind...

by Sandhya Jain on 26 Jan 2010 12 Comments

On Jan. 23, the Pakistan Election Commission cancelled the visit of a delegation to New Delhi in a sign that Islamabad intends to escalate the ‘Cricket Row’ in which all 11 Pakistani cricket players in the IPL-3 auction of Jan. 19 were quietly boycotted. Pakistan Chief Election Commissioner Justice Hamid Ali Mirza and his delegation wer

by Virendra Parekh on 26 Jan 2010 3 Comments

You cannot remain young for ever, it is said, but you can remain immature throughout your life. As the Indian republic turns 60, it looks like a tired old man suffering from self-forgetfulness, who has advanced in age but not grown in wisdom.  Each passing day brings fresh evidence of the state’s inability to meet even basic expectations

by B R Haran on 25 Jan 2010 1 Comment

Kerala – A ground breeding terrorIndians must give serious thought to the Chennai High Court observation on Jihad and Crusade. India is the only country which has borne the brunt of both to the maximum. While ‘Jihad’ is continuing unabated, ‘Crusade’ has taken the form of evangelization and conversion is another form o

by Depinder Singh on 25 Jan 2010 2 Comments

General It is an indisputable fact that India is a major player in the comity of nations. The doubt is whether the screen is regional or further afield. Some questions come to mind in this regard:--        Where do we figure in the emerging global security paradigm? -        Is o

by Hari Om on 24 Jan 2010 8 Comments

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, father and founder of the National Conference and who usurped state power in 1947 with the full backing of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, much to chagrin of the people of Jammu province, was a known protagonist of Greater Kashmir comprising Kashmir province and the Muslim-majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh regio

by B R Haran on 24 Jan 2010 2 Comments

The so-called Secularism and Human RightsShowcasing its secular mindset, the High Court said, “A great deal more can be achieved if the Yuddha, the Jihad, the Crusade is launched against injustice and evils like poverty and illiteracy”.  ‘Holy War’ (Jihad, Crusade) has been the practice of Abrahamic religions and there

by B R Haran on 23 Jan 2010 6 Comments

In the aftermath of terrorist Abdul Nazar Madhani’s wife Sufiya’s arrest by the Kerala police, both the Congress and Communist parties enacted a brazen drama blaming each other publicly for the growth of terror in Kerala. But people have not forgotten the ‘voluntary service’ rendered by both parties to Madhani, his family an

by Amitabh Tripathi on 23 Jan 2010 4 Comments

As we enter a new decade, we need to answer some serious questions we have encountered. One is what the future of Indian politics holds. For two decades we have witnessed ups and downs followed by major social churning and economic overhaul. These decades also saw the rise and fall of Hindu nationalism in politics and the decline of communism as an

by Nancy Kaul on 22 Jan 2010 16 Comments

Terrorism and the Islamic stranglehold go hand in hand, and the compliance of the so-called Fifth Estate in furthering their cause is even more dumbfounding. Even as the wave of Jihadi terror has finally spilled over to the rest of the country from Kashmir, a pseudo-liberal element concerned only about funds for its NGOs (much of their so-called el

by Virendra Parekh on 22 Jan 2010 0 Comment

It is not often that a commodity other than gold and oil remains in the news for days on end. Indian sugar has achieved that distinction of late. For a vast majority of Indians, the sweetener is turning increasingly bitter, with its prices rising sky-high on the back of supply shortage aggravated by deliberate mismanagement. Retail prices are knock

by Ramtanu Maitra on 21 Jan 2010 1 Comment

The December 25 incident, when the Nigerian-origin student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow himself up over the Detroit Airport inside a passenger jet ready to land, has brought back in full fury the fear of murderous al-Qaeda in the American people’s mind. While the mainstream media is busy trashing the nation’s securit

by Eric Walberg on 21 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Russian confidence that US President Barack Obama might represent a fundamental change in the direction of US foreign policy is fast eroding. Even pro-Western analyst Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Centre reflects, “The people who see Russia as a problem are still at the Pentagon,” and he predicts that even if Obama last

by Sandhya Jain on 20 Jan 2010 14 Comments

Is New Delhi suffering Elite Fatigue Syndrome? This is a Designer Disease, which initially afflicted the Secular Brigade. Like all contagions, it is fast infecting the Hindutva Brigade, at least those sections that struggled to reinvent themselves as ‘secular under my saffron skin’ when the BJP-led NDA pulled the patronage purse-strings

by Madhu Kishwar on 20 Jan 2010 8 Comments

[Below is the official report prepared by Madhu Kishwar on a seminar to promote the People’s Democratic Party document on Self-Rule. Its contents are self-explanatory, and are posted to inform citizens how public money is wasted in this country. It is time to ask for social and political accountability with regard to such anti-national activi

by Sandhya Jain on 19 Jan 2010 12 Comments

A fourth generation descendant of Tamil indentured labour, P. Uthayakumar, HINDRAF legal adviser and secretary general, Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP), has returned from New Delhi’s Pravasi Bharatiya Divas jamboree to face trial for ‘sedition,’ a charge made by the ruling United Malay National Organisation regime. Advocate

by Kamal Hak on 18 Jan 2010 4 Comments

The 150-odd gathering in the India International Centre Auditorium was oblivious of the irony of the situation. While Yaseen Malik, self-proclaimed father of religious terrorism in Kashmir, was threatening the nation with a return to arms, a couple of highly agitated Kashmiri Pandits outside were inhumanly dragged into police custody. Their fault?

by Hari Om on 18 Jan 2010 6 Comments

The RSS-sponsored Jammu and Kashmir People’s Forum (JKPF) organized a meeting at the Jammu Club on January 10. Seven members of the Working Group on Centre-State Relations (WGCSR) participated; BJP leaders and Sangh Parivar activists were there in strength.  Members of the Working Group present included BJP leader and Leader of Oppositio

by Nithin Sridhar on 17 Jan 2010 8 Comments

The earthquake in tiny Haiti on Tuesday 12 Jan. was devastating, causing buildings to topple and leaving possibly 100,000 dead, according to early estimates, though it is too early to say what the final toll is likely to be. Millions more are grimly affected by this grim tragedy. Media coverage shows that even the Presidential Palace and the U

by James Petras on 17 Jan 2010 3 Comments

Introduction:Asian capitalism, notably China and South Korea are competing with the US for global power.  Asian global power is driven by dynamic economic growth, while the US pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building. One day’s read of the Financial Times Even a cursory read of a single issue of the Financial Times

by Rustam on 16 Jan 2010 7 Comments

According to a report in a section of the print media in Jammu, “Kashmiri traders were given marching orders at the Kumbh Mela that started at Prayag, Allahabad, in Uttar Pradesh” on January 14, as they were considered a “security threat”.  What actually transpired was that the Director of Exhibitions, Dinesh Chand Pasi

by Ramtanu Maitra on 16 Jan 2010 1 Comment

In the midst of the global financial collapse that began in 2007 and continues to throw hundreds of millions of families around the world into a state of despair, the strengthening of cooperative relations among Russia, India, and China shines through like a beacon of hope. These three large nations, encompassing the Eurasian landmass that constitu

by Nancy Kaul on 14 Jan 2010 13 Comments

Muslims of the Kashmir Valley have long been portraying themselves as the sole inhabitants not only of the Valley, but of the entire Jammu and Kashmir State, including Ladakh. It is almost as if the Hindus of the Kashmir Valley who were forcibly driven out of their homes two decades ago had never existed, and as if the Hindus of Jammu and Buddhists

by Hari Om on 14 Jan 2010 9 Comments

Defence Minister A K Antony does not make loose statements. He seldom air views which can be described as controversial and ambiguous. He says what he and his ministry actually believe in. But what he said the other day (January 12) in Jammu during the crucial meeting of the Unified Headquarters, which was attended by the top brass of the Army, civ

by Hari Om on 13 Jan 2010 9 Comments

Congress minister and former diplomat Mani Shanker Aiyar is a peacenik. Why? Because he believes that the “bureaucrats and political wrangling on both sides” (India and Pakistan) are creating hurdles so that the relations between the two countries continue to remain strained and the Kashmir problem remains unresolved.  Aiyar is a p

by J Jayasundera on 13 Jan 2010 5 Comments

Sri Lanka was a country that was an example to every post colonial small country with a small GDP, an example worthwhile for even Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore to take note of. What was unique about Sri Lanka was the fact that within 20 years of independence it had achieved a literacy rate around 90%. It had free education, a disciplined public service

by Tom Burghardt on 12 Jan 2010 2 Comments

The strange case of Umar Farouk Abdul MutallabDespite some $40 billion dollars spent by the American people on airline security since 2001, allegedly to thwart attacks on the Heimat, the botched attempt by Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day was foiled, not by a bloated counter-terror

by Rick Rozoff on 11 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Yemen will become a battleground for a proxy war between the United States and Saudi Arabia - whose state-to-state relations are among the strongest and most durable of the entire post-World War II era - on one hand and Iran on the other.It is perhaps impossible to determine the exact moment at which a US- supported self-professed holy warrior - tr

by Peter Eyre on 11 Jan 2010 0 Comment

The dust has now settled, but the mass hysteria continues as the US and UK pull in their best media experts to blind us with political spin. It is time to reflect on this so-called failed attempt to blow up Northwest/Delta Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. Let’s revisit this false flag melodrama. First, remember that this potential b

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 10 Jan 2010 23 Comments

Every now and then, a book, a play, or film, marks a watershed in the landscape of culture when it represents most eloquently a growing and world-changing (or “epoch making” as Marxists used to say) awareness. James Cameron’s Avatar may well be one of those symbolic milestones. As the hitherto most sophisticated result of the

by Peter Eyre on 09 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Previously I wrote about the distinct possibility that the attempted plot to blow up a Northwest aircraft approaching Detroit could have been a false flag to justify US military activity in Yemen. We now see both Obama and Brown getting the media hyped up to justify this military intervention and even go a stage further by holding an urgent su

by Evelyn Pringle on 09 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Prescriptions for psychiatric drugs increased 50 percent with children in the US, and 73 percent among adults, from 1996 to 2006, according to a study in the May/June 2009 issue of the journal Health Affairs. Another study in the same issue of Health Affairs found spending for mental health care grew more than 30 percent over the same ten-year peri

by George Friedman on 08 Jan 2010 0 Comment

As is well known, a Nigerian national named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to destroy a passenger aircraft travelling from Amsterdam to Detroit on Dec. 25, 2009. Metal detectors cannot pinpoint the chemical in the device he sought to detonate, PETN. The PETN was strapped to his groin. Since a detonator could have been detected, the attacker ch

by Peter Eyre on 08 Jan 2010 1 Comment

As we have seen so many times in the past, conspiracy theories bounce around the world whenever we hear such dramatically presented stories that emanate out of the US and UK media machine. Many times such stories appear to coincide with a political low in a President’s or Prime Minister’s career. It is at such times that frequently our

by George Friedman on 07 Jan 2010 0 Comment

President Barack Obama’s speech in Oslo marking his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize was eloquent, as most of his speeches are. It was also enigmatic — both for its justification of war and for his speaking on behalf of the international community while making clear that as commander in chief, his overarching principle is to protect and

by Michel Chossudovsky on 07 Jan 2010 0 Comment

NATO’s Doctrine of Collective Security-          Why are American and NATO troops in Afghanistan? -          What is the justification for waging war on a country of 28 million people? -          What justifie

by Scott Stewart on 06 Jan 2010 2 Comments

A week after he was arrested in Chicago on Oct. 3, David Coleman Headley was charged in a federal criminal complaint with conspiring to commit terrorist attacks outside the United States and providing material support to terrorist organizations. The charges alleged that Headley was involved in a plot to attack a newspaper in Denmark that had publis

by Peter Eyre on 06 Jan 2010 1 Comment

The more we see of Obama, the more we realize that he’s exactly the same breed as the previous past Presidents as he flexes his muscle once again in Afghanistan and now on Gaza, We have known for some time that Egypt had succumbed to US bribery in receiving generous aid in return for supporting US foreign policy and becoming a friend of Israe

by Sandhya Jain on 05 Jan 2010 15 Comments

New Delhi must end the doublespeak on Jammu & Kashmir and inform the Indian people if there is a covert understanding, under American aegis, to unravel the northern state bit by bit and surreptitiously cede it to Pakistan. A leading national daily on Saturday reported a ‘strong’ Indian reaction to Syed Mehdi Shah, newly elected R

by Ramtanu Maitra on 04 Jan 2010 0 Comment

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was in Moscow [Dec. 16] seeking more help from Russia to meet the logistics requirements of the US and NATO-led war in Afghanistan. Speaking to reporters after talks with President Dmitri Medvedev, Rasmussen said he was asking Russia to supply helicopters, spare parts, fuel, and to train Afghan pilots. H

by Virendra Parekh on 02 Jan 2010 1 Comment

A truly global climate change agreement with some 200 countries signing a single document is always difficult. In that sense, the recent conference on climate change at Copenhagen was destined for failure, and even the successor conference in Mexico City in December 2010 may only yield incremental gains. The agreement which the world has been

by Peter Eyre on 02 Jan 2010 2 Comments

In the last few days, the Mayon Volcano in The Philippines is getting extremely angry at President Obama and Prime Minister Brown’s relentless push to screw the “Third World” for their so called “Man Made Global Warming” – which we all know is nature’s own natural cycle.  As part of such natural cycles

by C I Issac on 01 Jan 2010 10 Comments

Recent newspaper reports on Islamic fundamentalists’ operations from Kerala under the camouflaged stewardship of Abdul Nasser Madhani, accused in the Coimbatore Bomb Blast case, and the ruling and opposition coalition’s hide and seek game in dealing with terrorists, reveals more obscurity than clarity.  The question of Islamic terr

by Mike Whitney on 01 Jan 2010 0 Comment

Upbeat reports in the financial media belie the effects of the ongoing credit contraction. Massive injections of central bank liquidity have prevented the collapse of financial markets, but have done little to ease the de-leveraging of households or stimulate activity in the broader economy. The crisis has stripped $13 trillion in equity from worki

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