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by Lipipuspa Nayak on 28 Feb 2010 3 Comments

Once, as they wrapped up about one-third of the demography of the eastern coastal state of Orissa, they inevitably contributed to her share of Oriental Exoticism. Five decades into the process of their ‘assimilation’ into mainstream civilization, they line up the underbelly of this beautiful state where about every second human now live

by B R Haran on 27 Feb 2010 17 Comments

Mr. N. Ram, editor-in-chief of the “Peoples’ Daily” of Chennai, laden with an Islamic compassion typical of Indian secularists, intoned: “Today [25 Feb.] is a sad day for India”! Why? Because, in N. Ram’s own words: MF Hussain, India’s greatest and most celebrated artist, has been conferred Qatar nationalit

by Hari Om on 26 Feb 2010 5 Comments

It was expected that New Delhi would again disappoint the Indian nation by not asking Islamabad to vacate the aggression so that the Indian territories which have been under its illegal occupation since 1947-1948, are reintegrated into India and the unanimous Parliamentary Resolution of 1994 implemented in letter and spirit; and it actually happene

by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar on 26 Feb 2010 9 Comments

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar or Veer Savarkar, as he is popularly known, left his mortal coil on 26 February 1966 in the highest Yogic tradition of prayopaveshan, the giving up of food and water unto death. He did this with a sense of deep contentment at having fulfilled his worldly duties. In an article published in the Marathi monthly, Sahyadri (July

by J P Sharma on 25 Feb 2010 8 Comments

“I’m aware that I suffer from multiple handicaps as I stand to defend myself and my police force for planning and executing ‘Operation Green Hunt’ against the Maoist insurgents in the dense jungles of Bastar. I’m acutely aware of the truth of a metaphor I flippantly coined many years ago - that in India’s transfo

by B R Haran on 24 Feb 2010 10 Comments

The “People’s Daily” of Chennai has taken the lead and outshone its competitors in the ‘secular brigade’! One of its secular (sic) columnists (Praveen Swami) has tried to resurrect the non-existent “Hindutva Terror”, which could not be proved after it was created with ‘hype and harp’ by the secu

by Scott Stewart on 23 Feb 2010 0 Comment

In an interview aired Feb. 7 on CNN, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she considers weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the hands of an international terrorist group to be the largest threat faced by the United States today, even bigger than the threat posed by a nuclear-armed Iran. “The biggest nightmare that many of us have is th

by Nick Turse on 23 Feb 2010 0 Comment

In the nineteenth century, it was a fort used by British forces.  In the twentieth century, Soviet troops moved into the crumbling facilities.  In December 2009, at this site in the Shinwar district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, US troops joined members of the Afghan National Army in preparing the way for the next round of fo

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 22 Feb 2010 3 Comments

India at independence in 1947 was left with a British colonial legacy that included deep ties to a number of East and Southern African countries within the Empire, which were to emerge as free nations in the ensuing years. The traditional expatriation of Indian traders mostly from Gujarat combined with “export” of indentured labourers b

by Ajay Chrungoo on 21 Feb 2010 8 Comments

For so many years we have concerned ourselves primarily with how Pakistan seeks to take away Jammu & Kashmir. It is perhaps too late to intensely involve ourselves with how a section of the Indian State and the political class have over the years been crafting the giving away of Jammu & Kashmir. The unilateral submission of the report of th

by C I Issac on 20 Feb 2010 5 Comments

Sri Aurobindo unlocked the essentials of his new message for humanity and its glorious prospect predominantly through his writings which reflected his brilliance as an academician, poet, philosopher, revolutionary, patriot, creative thinker and above all, a Maha-yogi. Most of all, he found space in his textual treatise to analyze the process of his

by Zahir Ebrahim on 19 Feb 2010 1 Comment

“We run from Jew to Jew, they create the problem, and also argue the solution, they control the full spectrum of our discourse as well as our existence.” It is not the place of a plebeian living comfortably in California in the United States

by Peter Eyre on 19 Feb 2010 1 Comment

A staunch supporter of the Palestinian people was removed from her position as Health spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, a clear sign of the political power that the pro-Israeli Lobby has over all political parties. This does not stop here in the UK but extends throughout the US and the EU. So what caused such a dramatic r

by Michael Schwartz on 18 Feb 2010 0 Comment

How the mighty have fallen. Just a few years ago, an overconfident Bush administration expected to oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, pacify the country, install a compliant client government, privatize the economy, and establish Iraq as the political and military headquarters for a dominating US presence in the Middle East. These successes were,

by Scott Stewart on 18 Feb 2010 0 Comment

For the past few years, Stratfor has been carefully following the imbroglio over the Iranian nuclear weapons program and efforts by the United States and others to scuttle the program. This situation has led to threats by both sides, with the United States and Israel discussing plans to destroy Iranian weapons sites with airstrikes and the Iranians

by J Jayasundera on 17 Feb 2010 11 Comments

Most major problems of the world are planned on Pentagon drawing boards. The guiding light for these plans is the western interest. Not humanity, not compassion nor morality. Only plans don’t work perfectly. It is said that if you wish to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans. From Congo to Afghanistan, the mayhem has been instigated by th

by Sandhya Jain on 16 Feb 2010 19 Comments

Who can save the boat that the boatman is determined to sink? Hindus in Jammu fear the possibility of fresh holocausts as Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s red carpet to terrorists in PoK reinforces the politics of Muslim precedence in J&K, and strengthens Kashmiri Muslim resistance to full integration with India. The state last month

by Hari Om on 16 Feb 2010 8 Comments

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Don’t insult Indian nation again and againAs if all this was not enough to cause immense damage to the Indian cause in Jammu & Kashmir, Foreign Minister SM Krishna virtually gave a clean chit to Pakistan while reacting to the terrorist attack in Pune on February 13, which left nine innocent persons dead and more

by Hari Om on 15 Feb 2010 6 Comments

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Don’t insult Indian nation time and againFive: The highly disturbing and mind-boggling developments in the past 18 months have established that it has become customary with the custodians of the Indian State to cause insult after insult to the self-respecting Indian nation by ignoring all the invectives and epithets

by Bruce Gagnon on 15 Feb 2010 2 Comments

The latest news is that Romania will be hosting the US Army’s ground-based “missile defense” systems. Russia is not pleased with these developments. These same Army Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) systems are going to be deployed in Taiwan as the US continues its military encirclement of China. US PAC-3 systems have already

by Hari Om on 14 Feb 2010 3 Comments

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Don’t insult Indian nation again & againTwo: That our so-called Prime Minister was not really committed to what he said in Parliament to end the controversy over his Sharm-el-Sheikh fiasco became clear just two months later when Home Minister P Chidambaram took the dangerous plunge on October 14 at Srinagar and m

by Ramtanu Maitra on 14 Feb 2010 0 Comment

The Jan. 28-29 conference on Afghanistan policy, organized by and held in London, attended by leaders and ministers of 60 nations, was a watershed. Until now, Afghan policy was in the hands of Washington and Brussels (NATO). But what transpired during the conference makes it evident that the much-ballyhooed Af-Pak policy of the Obama Administration

by Hari Om on 13 Feb 2010 5 Comments

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Don’t insult Indian nation again & againIn 1930, Jawaharlal Nehru attacked Mahatma Gandhi and lamented: “This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper”. His grouse was that Gandhi had gone beyond the confines of the December 1929 Lahore Purna Swaraj resolution and accepted Lord Irwin

by Eric Walberg on 13 Feb 2010 0 Comment

The plan voiced at the London Afghanistan conference to pay off the Taliban is belied by the plan at the Brussels NATO conference two days earlier to bomb them into submission, notes Eric Walberg London has been the venue of a three-ring Middle East circus over the past month. There is the ongoing Chilcot inquiry into the (il)legality of Briti

by Hari Om on 12 Feb 2010 6 Comments

Noted legal luminary AG Noorani has once again received valuable space from a reputed magazine (Frontline) to launch a scathing attack on integrationists and plead for Kashmiri separatists and communalists. His latest anti-India essay is on the controversial Justice Sageer Ahmed report on Centre-State Relations; his outrageous essay is nothing but

by F William Engdahl on 12 Feb 2010 1 Comment

A former US President becomes UN Special Envoy to earthquake-stricken Haiti. A born-again neo-conservative US business wheeler-dealer preacher claims Haitians are condemned for making a literal ‘pact with the Devil.’ Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Bolivian, French and Swiss rescue organizations accuse the US military of refusing landing rights

by Pratap Chatterjee on 11 Feb 2010 3 Comments

Sitting in air-conditioned comfort, cans of Coke and 7-Up within reach as they watched their screens, the ground controllers gave the order to strike under the cover of darkness. There had been no declaration of war. No advance warning, nothing, in fact, that would have alerted the “enemy” to the sudden, unprecedented bombing raids

by George Friedman on 11 Feb 2010 0 Comment

This weekend’s newspapers [Jan 30-31] were filled with stories about how the United States is providing ballistic missile defense (BMD) to four countries on the Arabian Peninsula. The New York Times carried a front-page story on the United States providing anti-missile defenses to Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman, as well as s

by Ashwani Mahajan on 10 Feb 2010 4 Comments

Some time back it was conceded by the government itself that the consumer price index for industrial workers and agricultural workers has increased by nearly 13 percent, as compared to last year. More disturbing is the fact that food prices have gone up by more than 30 percent. Food grains, pulses, vegetable oil and also vegetables, prices of all c

by F William Engdahl on 10 Feb 2010 1 Comment

On December 25 US authorities arrested a Nigerian named Abdulmutallab aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on charges of having tried to blow up the plane with smuggled explosives. Since then reports have been broadcast from CNN, the New York Times and other sources that he was “suspected” of having been trained

by Scott Stewart on 09 Feb 2010 1 Comment

On Jan. 24, a voice purported to be that of Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the botched attempt to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day. The short one-minute and two-second audio statement, which was broadcast on Al Jazeera television, called the 23-year-old Nigerian suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab a hero and threa

by Sandhya Jain on 08 Feb 2010 7 Comments

Ganapati, remover of obstacles, the first deity to be invoked and offered worship – even by the Gods themselves – most likely originated in the forests of Maharashtra region, and is the best example of how the tribal, local, regional, acquired pan-India status in Hindu tradition. Evidence suggests Ganesh’s non-Vedic origin, possib

by Sandhya Jain on 07 Feb 2010 21 Comments

For someone who remembers that Rahul Gandhi’s spontaneous response to Mumbai 2008 was to party all night in honour of the forthcoming nuptials of his pal Samir Sharma, the aam aadmi bonhomie his inner circle contrived in the city on Friday, cut little ice.  Political observers like your writer concluded, correctly, that the fact that Con

by Bhim Singh on 06 Feb 2010 7 Comments

The political history of Jammu & Kashmir since 1947 has been a time of tempests and tides affecting the political climate and economic growth of the entire country. The bitter memories of the situation in J&K have disturbed peace on the international borders with Pakistan and China, and, of course, along the so-called ceasefire line which d

by Peter Eyre on 06 Feb 2010 2 Comments

We, the public, expected more from the Iraq Inquiry especially on the day when Tony Blair appeared before the panel. We were totally devastated when we heard what appeared to be an array of well orchestrated questions. The responses were as if Blair knew the questions to be asked of him and had carefully selected his response. Throughout the d

by B R Haran on 05 Feb 2010 5 Comments

As a continuation of its minority appeasement policy and votebank politics, the UPA is contemplating introduction of ‘Islamic Banking’ in the guise of attracting investments from Gulf countries to the tune of $ 1 trillion. The Centre had silently formed a committee, headed by the Cabinet Secretary, comprising secretaries of other minist

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 03 Feb 2010 2 Comments

Nearly 30,000 people from all over India and from many other countries appear to have visited the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival during the four days of its duration, between the 21st and 25th of January 2010. This affluence marked the intellectual vitality of India in a city whose 18th century founder, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, an outstanding repr

by Ram Kumar Ohri on 03 Feb 2010 7 Comments

We have to elect brave leaders. Real leaders. We enjoy the privilege of living in a democracy. Let us use that privilege by replacing weak leaders with heroes -   Geert Wilders, well known Dutch MP An adverse fallout of votebank politics practiced by most politicians seeking Muslim votes to capture political power has led to a rapid

by Sandhya Jain on 02 Feb 2010 13 Comments

The public campaign against commercial production of BT Brinjal has mercifully picked up amidst fears that the Union Government may succumb to American pressure and approve this toxic seed. The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) speedily approved BT Brinjal for environmental release in October 2009, despite growing evidence of the genera

by Ramtanu Maitra on 01 Feb 2010 9 Comments

When the Copenhagen Summit on Global Climate Change came to naught last December, by the action of a bloc of nations (China, India, South Africa, and Brazil) which refused to accept a binding diktat on carbon emissions, the promoters and benefactors of the global warming fraud were left in a tizzy. However, the worst was yet to come: when on Jan. 2

by Peter Zeihan on 01 Feb 2010 1 Comment

Ukrainians go to the polls Feb. 7 to choose their next president. The last time they did this, in November 2004, the result was the prolonged international incident that became known as the Orange Revolution. That event saw Ukraine cleaved off from the Russian sphere of influence, triggering a chain of events that rekindled the Russian-Western Cold

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