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by Sandhya Jain on 31 Dec 2013 5 Comments

Barely a week after the Supreme Court of India overruled the Delhi High Court order de-criminalising homosexuality among consenting adults, a determined group of Members of Parliament in Uganda passed a stringent anti-gay law, citing the need to protect traditional family values which are being undermined by Western-inspired gay rights groups. It is...

by Virendra Parekh on 25 Dec 2013 12 Comments

“Let me tell you at the outset that Jesus is no mythological mumbo-jumbo like your Rama and Krishna, and even Buddha. On the contrary, he was a solid historical figure whose miracles were witnessed and vouchsafed by many contemporary people,” said a Jesuit missionary to Sita Ram Goel. Let us have a closer look at this ‘solid historical...

by Israel Shamir on 24 Dec 2013 3 Comments

It is freezing cold in Kiev, legendary city of golden domes on the banks of Dnieper River – cradle of ancient Russian civilisation and the most charming of East European capitals. It is a comfortable and rather prosperous place, with hundreds of small and cosy restaurants, neat streets, sundry parks and that magnificent river. The girls are pretty and the me...

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 23 Dec 2013 0 Comment

One can detect there an idiosyncratic reflection of the western rationalistic prejudice against any evocation of the Supernatural, but that attitude has led to the destruction of much of the architectural, sociological and artistic heritage of the countries where those radical reformers take power, as was the case in Afghanistan, in Mali’s ancient city of...

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 22 Dec 2013 1 Comment

Unlike the organizations inspired by the message of Jamaluddin however, the League was not fundamentally anti-colonial and indeed was opposed to violent uprisings against the British rulers which it saw as preferable to an independent Hindu-dominated India. They advocated certain social reforms in keeping with the “original message” of the Quran, but were...

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 21 Dec 2013 3 Comments

Islam articulated as a political ideology is present and influential on four continents in many forms, but its current situation raises more questions than it provides answers about its destiny. Several events since the high tide of the Arab Spring of 2011 have set it back in Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Sudan, Somalia and Mali as...

by George Friedman on 20 Dec 2013 0 Comment

Stratfor Editor’s Note: The following Geopolitical Weekly originally ran in November 2010 as part of Geopolitical Journey series; reposted as Ukraine’s position between Europe and Russia puts it in the...

by J Jayasundera on 19 Dec 2013 5 Comments

Democracy is best defined as a government of the people, by the people for the people. A state should basically reflect this in a viable democracy but it does not. The state today is corrupt, predatory, full of nepotism, anti-people, and fully controlled by an international mafia run by the bankers, corporates and their slave politicians. All...

by James Petras on 18 Dec 2013 0 Comment

The recent interim accord between the six world powers and Iran has been hailed as an “historic breakthrough”, a “significant accomplishment” by most leading politicians, editorialists and columnists (Financial Times, 11/26/13, p. 2), the exceptions being notably Israeli leaders and the Zionist power brokers in North America and Western Europe (FT 11/26/13, ...

by Sandhya Jain on 17 Dec 2013 4 Comments

More than two years before the ruckus over the alleged illegal surveillance of a young woman architect caught the imagination of the virulently anti-Narendra Modi media, the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether to admit a petition by former Bhuj Collector Pradeep N Sharma against the Gujarat Government and...

by Hari Om on 16 Dec 2013 8 Comments

BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s December 1 call at the historic “Lalkaar Rally” in Jammu for a holistic debate on Article 370 has triggered a fierce debate in the State and in the national capital as well. Under Article 370 the solitary State of Jammu & Kashmir enjoys a status different from other States of the Union of India. The Kashmir-bas...

by Virendra Parekh on 15 Dec 2013 3 Comments

The results of the recent assembly polls in five states have been dissected threadbare. The relative performances and gains and losses of major players have been widely commented upon. The exercise is still going on from different perspectives. The commentators discuss 2013, but their eyes are fixed on 2014. In political analysis, all truth is partisan; no c...

by Romesh Raina on 14 Dec 2013 1 Comment

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s recent comments at the Lalkaar Rally in Jammu about Article 370 may be political, but they have unmasked the Article’s not-so-pleasant face. The fact is that its cumulative impact has been to do tremendous damage to the plural identity of Kashmir and push it in a direction different from that of the rest of the...

by Rohit Srivastava on 13 Dec 2013 9 Comments

The results of the four state elections are out. BJP’s comfortable victory in the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and its inability to cross the halfway mark in Delhi has given political analysts of all persuasions the opportunity to interpret the polls as per their pet peeves. The Indian intelligentsia has a special ability to...

by M Pramod Kumar on 12 Dec 2013 48 Comments

Having defended Hinduism in the public space against the onslaught of India’s secular intelligentsia for many decades, Magsaysay award winning journalist and politician Arun Shourie declared his agnosticism to the world in 2011 with the publication of the profoundly moving, Does He know a mother’s heart – How Suffering Refutes Religions. The book was motivat...

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon on 11 Dec 2013 3 Comments

Michael Salla’s books are noted for their clarity,methodical progression and persuasive argumentation, all intended to convincean uninformed readership of a thesis that is far from easy to accept. Hislatest work (Kennedy's Last Stand:Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination, Oct 2013) is noexception. Salla focuses on one main topic: the al

by Virendra Parekh on 10 Dec 2013 2 Comments

Money in public sector banks, it seems, is up for grab by crooked businessmen, corrupt officers and their wily political masters. What is happening in the public sector banks is nothing short of daylight bank robbery in which hard-earned savings of small depositors are systematically siphoned off to fatten parasites with power and...

by Ashok B Sharma on 09 Dec 2013 2 Comments

The midnight of December 6/7 of 2013 will beremembered as an historic day, marking India’s success in trade diplomacy. Alsothe world leaders paid the best tribute to the leader of the anti-apartheidmovement and former South African President Nelson Mandela who passed away onDecember 6 by reaching an accord at the 9th WTO Ministerial in Bali allowin

by George Friedman on 08 Dec 2013 0 Comment

Israelhas expressed serious concerns over the preliminary US-Iranian agreement, whichin theory will lift sanctions levied against Tehran and end its nuclearprogram. That was to be expected. Less obvious is why the Israeli government isconcerned and how it will change Israel’s strategic position. Israel’scurrent strategic position is excellent.

by Krishnarjun on 07 Dec 2013 5 Comments

TheSrikrishna Committee met political parties and held consultations with variousgroups from all three regions. The report, which came out in December 2010, concludedon the basis of data, that Telangana with or without Hyderabad is either at parwith or just a shade below coastal Andhra in many aspects of development.Considering the fact that Telang

by Krishnarjun on 06 Dec 2013 4 Comments

In1904, the Telugus began to assert their identity under the Young Men’s LiteraryAssociation in Guntur district of coastal Andhra, and created a map with Teluguspeaking areas of Hyderabad state, Karnataka, Madras state, Central Provinces andOrissa, which eventually took the form of Andhra Mahasabha. Andhra Congressleaders demanded a separate Congre

by Krishnarjun on 05 Dec 2013 8 Comments

Telugusare at a cross roads: the division of the first linguistic state is staring themin the face. What could be the consequences of a separate Telangana on the Telugupeople and India at large? To understand, we must look at the history of Telugusand the politics in present Andhra Pradesh. TheAndhras were mentioned in Mahabharata, Aitareya Br

by Bhim Singh on 04 Dec 2013 20 Comments

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s massive rallyin Jammu did not meet the hopes and aspirations of the people of Dogra land (JammuPradesh). The Bharatiya Janata Party leader failed to address the 63-year agonyof the refugees from Pakistan who have been living in the State without anycivil or political rights; another 10 million citizens of Indi

by Ashok B Sharma on 04 Dec 2013 0 Comment

Pride of political and economic supremacydominates the spirit of the developed or industrialized countries. Driven bythis selfish interest for maintaining hegemony they have been successful inderailing multilateral development agendas, be it the UN Millennium DevelopmentGoals (MDGs) or the Doha Development Agenda at WTO negotiations. The developing

by Sandhya Jain on 03 Dec 2013 6 Comments

In the rapecontroversy involving former editor Tarun Tejpal, Tehelka ignored the Vishaka guidelines under which the victim askedmanaging editor Shoma Chaudhary to set up an internal probe. When no action wastaken in the November 7 and 8 episodes and the matter regarded as settled with Tejpal’ssix month recusal, the victim’s friends exposed the cove

by Adity Sharma on 02 Dec 2013 75 Comments

When historians and Indologists are notpreoccupied with denouncing the dangers of Hindu revivalism, they can be foundhurling intellectual-sounding invectives at the evils of Hindu Dharma. MeeraNanda belongs to that special tribe of individuals with impressive credentialsand a strong attachment to all things that have perverted secularism’s original

by Hari Om on 01 Dec 2013 4 Comments

Way back on January 5, 2009, National Conference (NC) president OmarAbdullah formed a coalition government with the Congress party in Jammu &Kashmir (J&K). He was under oath to defend the J&K Constitution and theConstitution of India and check fissiparous tendencies in the Valley and protectand promote the country’s sovereign interests

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